The Definitive Mineral Guide for Vegetarians

Download a PDF copy of this ManualIf you are vegetarian you need the most extensive, in depth information on minerals in regards to dietary health. Why? Because you are excluding many foods that provide a range of nutrients.

Plus, mass farming practices means the amounts of minerals in food continues to plummet. Add to that makers of ubiquitous fast and pre- packaged food and drink have put convenience and taste ahead of nutrition punch.

So obtaining the latest knowledge about minerals is now more important than ever, if you want to achieve optimum health.

Does your vegetarian diet fall short of needed minerals?

If you are a vegetarian, or are considering going that route, you no doubt are very conscious that it’s a decision that affects the health of your body. Regardless if you’ve made the choice due to economic, ethical or health reasons, the facts are that giving up animal products changes the array and amount of minerals that you ingest.

Most are aware that it is a considerable dietary deviation to go completely vegetarian, nutritionally speaking. Throughout our long history we have usually consumed some amount of food derived from animals, albeit in lesser amounts than presently. Many consider an omnivorous diet of plant and animal to be optimum, because that is the diet that helped our forefathers and mothers (and more importantly their offspring) live to see another day.

However, going animal free has strong positive associations with reduced coronary heart disease, cancer and unwanted weight gain. But is it possible to get all the necessary nutrients when avoiding whole categories of food we’ve traditionally eaten?

Sliced cucumber - Vegetarian mineralsThis guide will explore and drill to the bottom of the debate (avoiding any moral/ethical issues) of whether it’s physically possible to get all the same and necessary minerals as a vegetarian as one does when eating from all the food groups.

Also, IF the exact same minerals can be gained from a strictly vegetarian diet, then where and in what amounts are these nutrients found?

As well, more questions will be addressed and answered such as: does cooking and freshness affect mineral levels, and if so, by how much? What are the mineral levels of mass farmed vegetables versus organically farmed?

If the conclusion is that a mineral shortfall is possible – or likely- when living as a vegetarian, then what steps can be taken to remedy it? Options such as supplementation will be thoroughly investigated. Does supplementation work, or is it ‘snake oil’ that gets mileage from the placebo effect? If effective, are there differences of quality? How much do you need to take to ensure you’re firing on all cylinders? What does ‘calcium fortified’ really mean?

It’s time to cut through the agenda filled conjecture, and see what lies beneath.

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