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The AlgaeCal Difference
Protect your bones with clinically supported calcium

Natural Support for Your Bones

If you’re looking for a natural way to support your bone health, hope can be found in mother nature’s very own lithothamnion superpositum. This oceanic plant naturally contains all 13 bone-supporting minerals. These minerals can stop bone loss, and even increase bone density – according to published clinical studies.

The Problem With Traditional Calcium

Traditional calcium supplements don’t make your bones stronger. They can’t. That’s because bone loss isn’t a loss of calcium. It’s a loss of all the minerals in your bones. So if your calcium supplement contains only calcium, that’s bad news. You’re missing 12 vital bone-supporting minerals.

“The bone density in my spine is back to normal.”

Dr. Pam Monday, Ph.D., West Lake Hills, TX

Why Youthful Bones Are Strong

When we’re young, our bones are packed with minerals. That’s what makes them strong. But sometime after our 40th birthday, we start to lose the 13 minerals that keep our bones healthy and strong. And every year we lose more and more, which makes our bones weaker and weaker. But there’s good news.

    • Lost bone minerals can be replenished with a rare ocean algae, researchers have found. After conducting a year-long health study, scientists have confirmed that lithothamnion superpositum (AlgaeCal) makes bones stronger.
    • Hand-harvested from a beach in South America, AlgaeCal naturally contains all 13 minerals that make bones strong. Besides calcium, this natural superfood has magnesium, potassium boron, copper, manganese, silicon, strontium, nickel, phosphorus, selenium, vanadium, and zinc.
    • That’s a lot of minerals, but studies show that if you’re going to get your youthful bone strength back, you need all of these minerals — not some of them.

The Only Calcium That Increases Bone Density

AlgaeCal is a powerful plant-based calcium that naturally contains all 13 bone-supporting minerals. In human clinical trials, these 13 nutrients have been shown to increase bone density — even for folks in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. That’s why AlgaeCal is backed by some of the world’s leading bone health scientists, doctors, and nutritionists.

Scientifically Backed by Published Clinical Studies

Scientists from The International Journal of Medical Sciences followed 414 AlgaeCal users for one year. Each person had a bone density test at the beginning and end of the study. These tests revealed that the smallest increase in bone mineral density among participants was 1.3%. That surprised the American research team because no other natural product had ever increased bone density.

Now that may not sound like much. But consider we lose on average 1% of our bone density every year after age 40. So with the Bone Builder Pack, instead of losing 7% in seven years, you’re gaining 7%. That’s a 14% swing!

That’s like turning back the clock on your bone health for a full 14 years. And your bones will only get stronger from there. Imagine that.

Results and benefits from our clinical studies
AlgaeCal is the only calcium supplement supported to increase bone density in three clinical studies. View All Studies
Cover of the Nutritional Journal edition that featured AlgaeCal
Bone Mineral Density Increases In Just 6 Months With AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost.
icon 176 Participants
arrows >2% Bone Mineral Density Increase
View Study
Cover of the International Journal of Medical Sciences edition that featured AlgaeCal
DEXA Results Show AlgaeCal Formulations Build Bone In One Year
icon 211 Participants
arrows 1.3% Average Bone Mineral Density Increase in Women Over 40
View Study
Cover of the American College of Nutrition edition that featured AlgaeCal
Bone Mineral Density Increases In Just 6 Months With AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost.
icon 172 Participants
arrows 1.04% Average Annual Bone Mineral Density Increase In Postmenopausal Women
View Study

Recommended by Leading Bone Health Experts

“AlgaeCal is unique,” says medical expert Dr. Lawrence May, a professor at the University of California School of Medicine. “Taking calcium alone is never enough — you need all the minerals.”

That’s why Dr. May recommends AlgaeCal Plus to patients looking for a natural way to increase bone density.

I got a phone call from my doctor asking me, ‘What’s your secret?’

Annie, Chatsworth, CA

AlgaeCal user Annie from Chatsworth, CA, is thankful she found AlgaeCal because, after two and a half years, her bone density is now “back to normal.” And because AlgaeCal is 100% plant-based, it was gentle on her tummy with no adverse side effects.

AlgaeCal is the only natural product on the market that’s been clinically shown to increase bone density. So if you’re looking for a natural way to make your bones stronger – AlgaeCal isn’t an option – it’s the only option!

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