Six Month Bone Builder Pack

As noted on our videos, this product combination is “guaranteed to increase your bone density in six months”. Your bones need more than just calcium. They need a multi-nutrient approach like this clinically proven combination of AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost to increase your bone density and strength.

Your bone density will begin increasing the first day you supply this comprehensive group of nutrients, but it takes about six months to become measurable on a DEXA scan, so get started building brand new bone today.

Please note that AlgaeCal Plus dosage is four capsules per day to increase bone density – just like in the clinical studies – so you need eight bottles for a six month supply. Thus, a six month package includes eight bottles of AlgaeCal Plus and six bottles of Strontium Boost.

Remember, if you don’t increase your bone density in six months we will refund double what you paid for the entire six months of products - that’s how confident we are in your success.
See our guarantee.

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AlgaeCal Plus

AlgaeCal Plus is much more than a calcium supplement. It is composed of a marine algae from South America we call “AlgaeCal”. This algae superfood supplies a full dose of calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals in similar proportions to human bone - and all in a body-friendly plant form. Added are vitamins D3, K2, C, additional boron, and additional magnesium.

AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost are the foundation of your bone building program because they increased bone density in adults in two published studies. Traditional calcium supplements only slow annual bone loss so increasing bone density was an unprecedented result welcomed by the research community. Based on these study results AlgaeCal Plus taken together with Strontium Boost is guaranteed to increase your bone density in six months.

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Strontium Boost

Strontium Boost is composed of strontium citrate. The earth element strontium (naturally found in small amounts in food) is treated with citrate (common in fruit) to bond the two into strontium citrate - a safe and effective bone building nutrient.

Our strontium citrate is the only clinically studied strontium citrate on the market. Strontium Boost taken along with AlgaeCal Plus increased bone density in two published clinical studies. And the study groups taking strontium had higher increases than those taking AlgaeCal formulations alone - so the combination of the two products yielded the best bone density improvements in adults.

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AlgaeCal Basic

(Previously called "AlgaeCal Plant Calcium")

This basic formulation contains AlgaeCal, a South American marine algae which naturally contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals, together with vitamin D3.

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