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The Truth About Strontium And Bone Health

Strontium is a natural mineral found in the soil and throughout our food supply. And it’s deposited throughout your bone just like calcium. But there’s a lot of confusion about this “miracle mineral”.

So let’s set the record straight.

strontium help produce  these results

How does strontium help produce these results?

Strontium is the only material on earth— natural or otherwise— shown to stimulate bone-building cells while slowing down overactive bone-resorbing cells.

So we used the same bone-building dose of strontium citrate from our studies, in each serving of Strontium Boost.


For best absorption:

AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost should be taken separately, at least 2-3 hours apart for optimal absorption. These two minerals are chemically similar and therefore compete at the same absorption sites.

Here’s a common dosing schedule:

The most common daily regimen is to take 2 capsules of AlgaeCal Plus with breakfast and two with dinner, then 2 capsules of Strontium Boost before bed. (Strontium does not need to be taken with food.) Strontium is not intended for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Drug Interactions

Antacids and antibiotics may reduce strontium’s absorption, so take them at least 3-4 hours apart from your strontium. Always check with your doctor for details about possible interactions between AlgaeCal products and your medications.

If you have impaired kidney function, please consult your healthcare provider before using Strontium Boost.