A Place For Support and Celebration of Your Bone Building Journey


Tens of thousands of people essentially suffered in silence. Many resigned themselves to the belief there was no stopping bone loss.


They discovered AlgaeCal and the natural way to increase bone density. Now, these folks are excited to resume their healthy, active lives— and their newfound hope is contagious. They gushed about their results to us… and what would help them even more. And we listened.

So we’ve created an inclusive place just for AlgaeCal customers to engage with one another and share their bone health journeys. And they want you to join too.

A resource like this has never existed until now.

It’s called the AlgaeCal Community.

Why Join the AlgaeCal Community?

Industry Experts

Exclusive access to industry experts

Like our dedicated AlgaeCal Community expert Lara Pizzorno.

Lara is the best-selling author of the landmark book Your Bones, is a sought-after speaker and bone health expert, and also used AlgaeCal and her own research to overcome bone loss. Today she enjoys healthy bone density.

Now for the first time ever, Lara’s available to share her sage advice and answer your questions every week through the AlgaeCal Community.

Plus, you’ll enjoy other experts dropping in from time to time, including naturopathic doctors, physical trainers, and more.

Tasty Recipes

Community-ONLY research and resources

See special bone-building exercise videos, tasty recipes, and the latest news and clinical studies that WON’T appear on the everyday AlgaeCal website.


Connect with your peers

Confide in others who understand your challenges, and who are in (or have been in) the same boat as you. Laugh, learn and even cry with one another as you continue on your bone health journey and keep one another inspired.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access

As an AlgaeCal customer, you get lifetime access to the AlgaeCal Community. Pop into this welcoming group as often as you like. Learn from others. Share your stories. There’s no charge to be in the group and you decide how much you want to make use of it.


It’s a ton of fun!

Cash in on the occasional prize draw and giveaway … celebrate fellow members’ accomplishments (as they celebrate yours!) … appear on the “Wall of Fame” … enjoy your anniversary “shout-out” … meet new friends and confidantes in the “Member Spotlight” … and much, much more!

How You Can Join

It’s simple. If you’re already an AlgaeCal customer, just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1

Click on the following link → https://www.facebook.com/groups/algaecal/

Step 2

Click the blue “+ Join Group” button pictured below. If you don’t have a Facebook account, simply go here and create one, then return to this page and start at Step 1 above.

Join Group

Step 3

We’ll manually accept your request as soon as possible (keep an eye on your Facebook account for a notification), and then you can jump into the group and start enjoying!

Group Membership Accepted

What if you’re not an AlgaeCal customer?

Become one today and you’ll immediately qualify to join this first-of-its-kind community. Please explore our Products page and try any one of our products, risk-free. Plus, you’ll improve your health in the process.

Ready to Join the Community?

It’s free and you get lifetime access as an AlgaeCal customer. But that’s why joining is easy to put off for another day. So I encourage you to join today by clicking the “Join Now!” button below.

Just think… you may get advice that could fast-track your own bone-building goals. Or, you could single-handedly help a colleague in need through a trying time. That’s the beauty of the AlgaeCal Community. And it’s why we’d LOVE to have you with us.

Won’t you accept our invitation to join the Natural Bone Health Revolution?