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AlgaeCal clinical trials show increasing bone density, even in 80 year olds - a highly unusual result in calcium supplementation. Based on this research, AlgaeCal is the only calcium source allowed to claim it “increases bone density in women” by the Government of Canada. Traditional calciums only slow annual bone loss... More.

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Every year we lose 70 different elements from our bones. Replenishing calcium is a good start, but why not replace ALL 70 of them?... More.

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Our products will increase your bone density or we’ll give you double your money back. …More.

Fitness / Medical / Nutrition / April 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered what makes some people live longer than others? Is it geography, culture, a sense of community…diet? Those were the types of questions Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow, New York Times Best Selling Author and TED Talk speaker wanted to answer when he set off on a quest in 2000 to find the secrets to longevity. And find them he did… What The World’s Healthiest People Do In summary, Buettner took a team of researchers (anthropologists, demographers, epidemiologists) around the world to study communities who had a high percentage of centenarians. What they discovered was that the world’s healthiest people: Move everyday– low intensity exercise is a daily occurrence. Spend time with like-minded people. Take time to unwind, recuperate and de-stress. Are a part of spiritual communities. Make family a top priority. These places (there are only…

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Forever Young
Forever Young  by Nicholas Perricone

“I have been extremely impressed by AlgaeCal, which has led to my working with colleagues ... on a comprehensive peer-reviewed study to confirm its many benefits”

Fox News

A special report featuring the advantages of AlgaeCal over traditional limestone calcium supplements. Click here to view.

Your Bones
Your Bones by Lara Pizzorno

“Several studies have now shown that AlgaeCal is more effective at building bone than other supplemental forms of calcium.”

Dr Oz Show

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