Sustainability Plan

Nature is at the core of
everything we do
AlgaeCal is an all-natural, plant-based calcium sustainably harvested off the Atlantic coast of South America.
We are committed to creating the world’s best calcium supplement while working to leave the Earth (and our oceans) better for future generations.
Our Four Pillars of Sustainability
Clean Oceans
Responsibly Harvested
Waste Reduction
"It Starts With Us"

We’re making a difference

Protecting our bones by protecting our planet

Our clinically-supported natural solution for building stronger bones for life includes an effort to protect the oceans that are home to our precious algae. We capture algae that’s washed to shore and don’t disrupt the fragile marine ecosystem in the ocean. We host company beach cleanup days where AlgaeCal teammates collect and safely discard refuse.

When it comes to sustainability, we work hard every day to do a little better than we did the day before. That’s why we created our Four Pillars of Sustainability.

""The ocean provides the lifeblood of our product. We have a responsibility to care for the ocean and the Earth not just to secure our business future but to ensure we have a hospitable, healthy planet to share for generations to come."

—Dean Neuls, Co-Founder of AlgaeCal

Pillar 1 — Clean Oceans

Our oceans are home to over 96% of the Earth’s water. It’s also the home of our plant- based algae. Caring for our oceans is a top priority.

Pillar 2 — Responsibly Harvested 

We are committed to the responsible harvesting of algae with the least impact to the environment. We do not dig nor disrupt marine life.

Pillar 3 — Waste Reduction

We strive to minimize environmental impact by reducing packaging, using recyclable materials whenever possible, and maximizing use of low-impact materials.

Pillar 4 — “It Starts With Us”

We know that caring for the environment begins at home with each and every one of us. That’s why we reduce single-use plastics in our office, recycle, take part in beach cleanups, and work every day to further diminish our environmental footprint.

Learn About Our Algae

Traditional calcium supplements are made from rocks and, at best, can only slow your rate of bone loss. AlgaeCal is different

Our unique red algae, Lithothamnion superpositum, is responsibly harvested off the coast of South America and contains calcium plus the 13 minerals you need to build strong bones. And because it’s plant-based, it’s more easily digested and absorbed by your body. That’s why only AlgaeCal is clinically supported to actually increase bone density. Guaranteed.