Order Your Bulk Calcium Supplements

AlgaeCal’s plant calcium powder is the world’s only USDA Certified Organic calcium source, and we have coined the phrase “plant calcium”.  Additionally, the milled algae powder contains significant magnesium and other trace minerals that contribute to bone health which have been clinically studied to increase bone density.  So we often get wholesale inquiries about AlgaeCal’s availability as an algae calcium “raw material” or “bulk ingredient”.  

If you are looking for such a product, you are in luck!  This natural calcium ingredient has been used in manufacturing organic foods, and dietary supplements since 2003.  As worldwide exclusive rights holder to the red algae (Lithothamnion superpositum) source of calcium, we are proud to offer it in both fine grind and regular grind configurations in 20 kilogram bags delivered from our warehouse in New Jersey, USA to select companies.  

AlgaeCal ingredient is both USDA and IFOAM certified organic which addresses both purity and sustainability questions.

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USDA Organic
Natural Food Certifiers

AlgaeCal is a whole food calcium source.  The entire plant is milled into a powder – so there is no extra action process and no additives.  AlgaeCal contains 30% elemental calcium and 3% magnesium.

The bulk powder is registered as a New Dietary Ingredient with the FDA, and is certified GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).  It is the only calcium supplement ingredient that Health Canada allows to claim “may increase bone density in women”.  This determination was made after reviewing the significant human research on this product.  Please see our “Research” section above to view study summaries.

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