The Health Benefits of Silicon (Silica)

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Silicon and Bone Health

Silicon (found most often in a form called silica) is among the most understood of all the trace minerals in terms of the benefits it provides to bone health. It also appears to have a unique role in the way our bones are formed. Silicon seems to be very important early on in bone formation.[1] It helps get the bone growth process started, and as bone mineralization continues, the silicon is replaced in the bone by calcium.[1] In animals testing, chicks fed a silicon deficient diet had skull and long bone abnormalities associated with depressed collagen (the organic part of bone that gives it strength and flexibility) content in bone, poorly formed joints, and defective bone growth.[1] Silicon also has an effect calcium levels in the bone. When calcium-deficient rats are also deprived of silicon, the level of calcium in the rats’ bones appears to drop even further![1]

Animal studies show that supplementing with silicon reduces the number of osteoclast (bone destroying) cells, partially preventing bone resorption and bone loss. Silicon compounds were also shown in vitro to stimulate the DNA synthesis in osteoblast (bone building) cells.[3]

Human testing using silicon has also demonstrated the mineral’s positive effect of bone health. Dietary silicon intake has been positively associated with bone mineral density in men and pre-menopausal women![7] In a clinical study on 53 women with osteoporosis, supplementing with silicon was associated with a SIGNIFICANT increase in the mineral bone density of the femur![3]

These studies all suggest that there is an important link between silicon and bone health. In light of the abundance of science supporting silicon why do calcium supplements not include silica or other trace minerals? Count on AlgaeCal to provide you with much needed silicon and start improving your bone health today!

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