The Health Benefits of Manganese

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Manganese and Bone Health

The benefits of maintaining adequate manganese levels in our bodies to ensure good bone health are readily apparent from the scientific research available today. Manganese is essential in bone metabolism, working as a cofactor for a number of bone building enzymes.[1] It has also been demonstrated to be an effective way to help increase spinal bone mineral density in post-menopausal women.[1] Conversely, deficiencies in manganese have been correlated with lower bone density and bone strength.[2]

Other studies involving animals have shown that a lack of manganese in those animals caused improper formation of bone and cartilage.[2],[3] It is clear that manganese, while not a traditional ingredient in our bone, plays an essential role in the production of the proteins found in organic matrices, such as bone.[2] One study has shown that insufficient manganese can lead to ACCELERATED bone loss![3]

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