Calcium And Weight Loss

algaecal organic calcium and weight loss

Benefits of A High Calcium Diet

We all know how important calcium is to our bone health but now there is convincing evidence showing a correlation between a high calcium diet and losing fat. A recently published study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine by Women’s Health Initiative has brought more attention to the benefits of a high calcium diet.1 This study has shown that calcium affects how the body breaks down and stores fat, and that an increased intake of calcium can reduce weight gain in post menopausal women.

Oprah’s High Calcium And Magnesium Diet

This news has sparked the attention of the medical community including the famous Doctor Oz from the very popular Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Oz conducted an experiment on the connection between a high calcium diet and weight loss. The experiment had volunteers spend one week on a high calcium diet and the next week on a low calcium diet. Both diets contained exactly the same amount of fat and calories.

To measure how much fat was being absorbed by participants and how much was being passed through, scientists collected stool samples and then compared the results from the high calcium diet to the low calcium diet. Results from the samples showed that the participants on a high calcium diet doubled their fat excretion, suggesting that adequate amounts of calcium in your diet can actually help you get rid of twice the amount of fat that you eat.

In conclusion Dr Oz went on to say “You can get calcium from dairy products and leafy vegetables, but many people will only be able to get enough from supplements. If you do opt for supplements, take note; an influx of calcium can leave you constipated, unless you take it with magnesium. Usually we recommend folks take about 1,200 milligrams of calcium and somewhere between 600 and 800 milligrams of magnesium.”

How Calcium Affects Weight Loss

In the past calcium rich foods such as dairy products were seen as fatty and many people cut these foods out of their diet, but we now know this to be untrue. We now know that calcium is a fat burner and that high calcium diets can help burn fat and low calcium diets seem to store fat.

Calcium has a big impact on the efficiency of weight loss, with many recent studies showing that individuals with the highest calcium intake overall weigh the least, and that individuals with the lowest calcium intake have the highest percentage of body fat.2

Not only has calcium been found to keep weight in check, but can be linked with decreases in body fat. A low daily calcium intake has shown a greater tendency to gain weight, particularly in women.3

A High Calcium And Magnesium Diet

With all of this evidence connecting a high calcium diet and weight loss, there is one more reason to add calcium rich foods to your diet. It is always best to obtain your calcium from your foods, but we all know that this can be difficult and may have to supplement the short fall.

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