The Health Benefits of Boron

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The “boron vitamin” as it’s commonly referred is actually an element.

Over the last decade, research on boron and its nutrition related health benefits has intensified substantially. Documented scientific data has been collected proving boron’s essential role in maintaining bones and joints in an optimal physiological state. Indeed, bone adjacent to joints with osteoarthritis tends to be less mineralized (per unit trabecular bone volume) than other control bone or bone from fracture patients, and exhibits significantly lower concentrations of boron, lead and, zinc. (Hellivell TR et al 1996.)

You have gotten tiny amounts of boron your whole life in boron rich foods like almonds, apples, avocados, bananas, beans and more.

Boron is commonly found in soil and water, and is essential for animals and humans.

But due to mass production farming techniques, boron (and other minerals) have been drastically depleted from the foods we eat.

Combine this drop with how we so often reach for minerally vacant fast-food and processed foods, and it’s understandable that what you get these days from your diet is just not enough – leading to potentially dangerous deficiencies.

So take a look at the top health benefits of boron. 


The 11 Surprising Benefits of Boron You Didn’t Know Of

#1   Boron is an anti-inflammatory agent.  

In fact, it has been prescribed in Europe since the early 1970’s specifically for the treatment of osteoarthritis.  And in some patients who have taken boron, their osteoarthritis symptoms have not only been lessened, but been relieved altogether.(1) 

Benefits of Boron - Antiinflammatory

#2   Boron protects against oxidative stress.  

Oxidative stress means there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of your body to detoxify their harmful effects.  In animal studies, boron not only decreased induced oxidative stress, but it increased the antioxidant defense mechanisms of the animals and regenerated damaged tissues in their liver, kidneys and brain.(2) 

#3    Boron can help with vitamin D deficiency on calcium metabolism.  

Clinical studies have demonstrated that boron supports healthy bones by increasing serum levels of calcium absorption….this stimulates vitamin D3 by as much as 24%!(3) 

Vitamin D is crucial to bone health because it helps support calcium absorption. In a recent study, 90% of Vitamin D deficient patients who took a 6mg boron supplement experienced a 24% increase in Vitamin D-3 serum levels in 60-days.

Boron in Treatment of Vitamin D Deficient Rats

In a study conducted by Dr. Hector De Luca, Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin – Madison, bone ash measurements reflect a significant trend toward elevations when boron is administered to Vitamin D deficient rats.

Boron and Vitamin D image 2
FIGURE 6 – Bone Ash Increased 5.8% after 8 weeks of feeding boron to Vitamin D Deficient Rats

Vitamin D deficient animals are used in research for the investigation and discovery of novel anti-osteoporotic treatment. Using this model, an 8-week treatment with boron increased bone mineral content by 5.8% as measured by bone mass. This result suggests that boron may increase bone strength. More information on boron and bone health.

Benefits of Boron - Vitamin D

#4   Boron promotes bone growth

In cell culture studies, when osteoblasts were exposed to boron, bone mineralization increases along with an increased expression of a whole group of compounds that are produced when bone building is going on. Boron can affect the strength of bones and joints (most likely by cross-linking the inorganic and organic bone/joint matrix and/or through different biochemical mechanisms that modulate activity of bone cells such as chondriocytes, osteoclasts and osteoblasts).

#5   Boron Improves Brain Function  

In a study where dietary conditions were well controlled, older men and women were given boron at a level of 3 mg per day. After just 63 days brain function in these individuals had improved.

Benefits of Boron

#6   Boron May Increase Testosterone

And boron benefits even more: there’s a positive connection with testosterone, which is something that should perk up the ears of every man reading this.

A study done in 2010 at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran found that boron increases male testosterone in as little as 7 days.(4)

Testosterone is proven to increase muscle mass, sharpen memory and concentration, libido, and improve energy levels, so boosting it naturally and safely with the aid of boron should be considered a “no brainer.”

#7   Boron Helps with Kidney Stones  

Boron seems to have an impact on positive kidney stone removal. Urinary calcium excretion is a determinant of kidney stones.  Boron (in doses of 3 mg per day) reduces this, leading to less painful stones.(5) 

Furthermore, according to The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, “boron seems to have an impact on (kidney) stone removal.”

Urinary calcium excretion is one of the determinants of kidney stones, and tireless boron (in doses of 3mg per day) somehow reduces this, leading to less excruciating stones.

It is not known exactly how boron assists all the functions and services it does for your body. What we do know about are the many repercussions if you don’t get enough of it.

Unfortunately our common everyday diet does not provide ample boron as it once did. Many health professionals feel there may even be a boron deficiency epidemic.

Remarkably, despite boron’s proven importance in supporting human health and building strong bones, many of the mass-marketed bone health products on store shelves do not include any boron.

Aware of that, we made sure to include 1.5mgs of body-friendly boron in each serving of AlgaeCal Plus…leaving no stone or bone unturned.


Benefits of Boron - Kidney Stones

#8   Boron Promotes Bone Healthy Hormone Function

Boron has beneficial effects on the functions of a number of hormones, not just vitamin D and estrogen. But our thyroid hormones, our insulin and progesterone – all of which are involved in building healthy bones for us.

#9   Boron May Prevent Cancer

Population studies have found that an inverse association between dietary boron and prostate, cervical and lung cancers.  And cell culture studies have shown that boron actually inhibits the growth of some types of prostate and breast cancer cells.(6)

A ten year study in Houston Texas looked at 763 women with lung cancer. The conclusion stated “boron intake was inversely associated with lung cancer in women, whereas women who consumed low boron and did not use HRT were at substantial increased odds.”(7)

True, “inversely associated” does not prove a connection, but “if it looks and quacks like a duck – it’s likely a duck” then boron should be taken very seriously for its potential benefits.

And because boron helps reduce inflammation and affects steroid hormone levels, it is believed it helps prevent certain types of cancer.

Data from the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) states “increased dietary boron intake was associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer.”(8)

#10 Boron Supports Metabolic Processes

Boron has the potential to influence a number of metabolic processes (hormones, blood plasma, vitamin D, bone maintenance inflammation and cognition/learning) (1) and interestingly, it’s effect is even more noticeable when other nutrients like cholecalciferol (vitamin D) and magnesium are present.

Just as a tire without an axle is useless, the latest science indicates that essential trace minerals need each other to perform their duties.

Rats and chicks given boron have been shown to have increases in bone strength. There is also a correlation with boron in regards to improving arthritis, plasma lipid profiles, and brain function.(1)

Add to that boron is thought to have a preventative effect for women and lung cancer.

AlgaeCal Plus#11   Boron May Help Improve Your Bone Bensity

Studies have shown that a natural bone-building supplement with the addition of boron, improved bone density in just 6 months!

As you can see, the trace mineral boron has many surprising health benefits.

And you can get all of these benefits with just a daily dose of 3 mg per day, which is the recommended daily amount – and also happens to be the the exact amount in AlgaeCal Plus.

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