See genuine AlgaeCal reviews from customers who have used our products to reclaim their bone health and combat osteoporosis.  None of these are paid endorsements – they’re just real users who were elated by their success and wanted to share it with the world!

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Betty increased bone density her first year. And increased further each year ….for 10 years. She’s now osteoporosis-free!

Hi, my name is Betty Rombough and I’m from New Jersey. I’ve had a long history of ulcerative colitis since 1979, and also years of steroid use to try to help it. But it wasn’t until 2002 when a doctor told me that I needed a DEXA scan to check my bone density, because steroids take the calcium out of you bones. I did not know this.

I had my DEXA scan, and I was just shocked. It was terrible. So I decided to do exercises and I decided I would do what the doctor recommended. I took several synthetic medications, and they caused more problems than I had before and they nearly put me in the hospital several times. So in 2006, I decided I’m going to take calcium citrate. Everyday, 2,500 milligrams for a year and see if I can get a better bone density exam. So after a year, in 2007, still terrible. Even worse than it was before.

So in 2007, I decided this is the turning point for me. I need something that is natural. I went on the internet and I found AlgaeCal. Their advertisement said “your money back if you’re not better in 6 months.” That was good enough for me, so I started AlgaeCal from 2007 until 2008. 2008’s DEXA scan was improvement in every single area. I was elated! That was the first improvement that I had. So I continued, and the next year in 2009 it was an improvement from 2008. The doctor said that you don’t need to have a DEXA scan every year, you can have one every 2 years. So in 2011, I was improved. 2013 improved still. Between 2013 and 2016, I had medical problems that caused my 2016 DEXA scans to lose a little, but three of the areas were still improved!

So I went from -3.0 and -3.2 and -3.4 scores, all the way to what they are today. You can check that out. It is posted. So for me, AlgaeCal is a no brainer, and I’m thankful that I found it. Thank You!

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** Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.

11.9% and 8.9% bone density improvements in only one year. Now with 9 straight years of bone density increases Jean is ecstatic!

Hi, my name is Jean McLean, and I’m 78 years old, and I live in Burnaby, BC. I started doing bone density scans approximately 20 years ago . I will be reporting the percentages in my talk, and my T and Z scores in my write up.

I have no results in my files previous to April 2005. However in 2005 the bone density had remained stable from previous tests as early as 1995 as osteopenia. I have been taking good quality calcium pills from health food stores for a number of years prior to and continued to do so.

Then, in October of 2006, my system went into overdrive, and I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. in April of 2007, I had my bone density scan done. The loss being lumbar 8%, femur 4%. In only two years that is a substantial loss. Especially since I had been taking calcium pills for years.

Needless to say, I almost panicked. So I googled for answers. I came across AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost. I ordered both immediately, and started taking them as soon as they arrived. 2 AlgaeCal plus in the morning, and 2 at dinner time, and 3 Strontium at bedtime.

I was anxious to see the results so my doctor, who was very supportive was instrumental in obtaining a scan within a year. So in April of 2008, the gains in lumbar were 11.9% and femur 8.9%. I was ecstatic. Up until the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism in 2005 I had been a vegetarian, and used minimal dairy for approximately 20 years. However, I went back to eating meat and fish as I required more protein than I was getting from a vegetarian diet. And also due to allergies and sensitivities to dairy, I have now stopped using all dairy products.

My next scan was in 2010, and the gain in the lumbar was 6% and the femur was 5%. In April of 2013, 3 years later as my medical plan no longer pays for scans every 2 years, please note that this is a new and different machine, so percentages were unavailable for a comparison. However, the gain in lumbar was approximately 6-8% and the femur 4-6%. The next scans were in march of 2016. The gain in lumbar was 8% and the femur was 6%. I had continued taking 4 AlgaeCal Plus daily and 3 strontium, as I’ve been concentrating on building jaw bone, because of bone loss due to a tooth infection.

Approximately 6 years ago, I had an infection in the bottom front tooth, this one right here! Still there. Which had festered for many months due to poor dental care by specialists… Yes, specialists. The jaw bone under the tooth was non-existent at that point, and the tooth was extremely wobbly. The procedure to remove, clean up the infection, and replace the tooth was going to be extremely painful, and very costly as I have all my teeth capped.

So I opted for a root canal, which I was advised against, and a couple of antibiotic prescriptions. Then, a daily oil pulling for couple of years to clean up the infection, and then a completion of the root canal. I had the tooth checked every 6 months by my endodontist until august of 2016. The x-ray showed that the bone had been developing nicely, and the tooth is almost stationary.

I continued to take 4 AlgaeCal and 3 Strontium daily, as I want my t-scores to be in the plus range. I am very pleased with my bone density and I definitely committed to AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost. Also a BIG thank you to Dean and company for developing such amazing products. I do hope that my testimonial inspires you to give AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost a try, as you will definitely see changes in your DEXA scan.

For those interested in my T and Z scores, please read my write up. The comparison from 2007 to 2016 is truly amazing. Those wondering what T  and Z scores means, T is comparison with 20-30 year olds, and Z is a comparison with peers.

Thank you for you time and best wishes to successful DEXA scores!

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** Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.

Julie Increased 9% In Her Lumbar Spine And 5.1% In Her Right Hip…In Just 1 Year!

My name is Julie Cooke and I’m 59 years old. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for more than 30 years.

When I had a bone density test in June 2013, it showed a marked deterioration from 2 years previously with osteoporosis in my right hip and my lumbar spine in the osteopenia range. I started taking AlgaeCal and strontium following those tests.

In July this year, I had another bone density test. I was delighted that the report noted a substantial increase in my bone density, with a 9% improvement in my lumbar spine and a 5.1% improvement in my right hip.

The only change in my medication has been the introduction of AlgaeCal and Strontium, which I credit with this improvement. And the first time I began taking these products, I had just felt better. And now, of course, I am delighted to have improved my bone density in just one year. I realize I have further to go to improve my right hip in particular, and intend to continue taking these products. I would recommend AlgaeCal and strontium to anyone concerned about their bone density.

Thank you for making such wonderful products available, that not only improve bone density, but also have none of the nasty side effects of prescription medication. I also find the regular e-mail updates very interesting and useful. Thank you so much.

Julie Cooke
Auckland, New Zealand

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** Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.

A Bone Density Increase of 10%… Despite Being on Thyroid Medication!

“Approximately 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, thanks to the effects of menopause. At that time, I could not open a jar or anything without wincing in pain. My yearly DEXA scan consistently reflected a decline in bone mass, even though I faithfully took calcium supplements, I exercised, and I tried to follow a pretty good diet. Last year’s DEXA scan revealed osteoporosis of the lower spine a -3, which wasn’t good at all, as well as in my hip. Wanting to find an alternative to pharmaceutical medication, I came across the AlgaeCal website – actually guaranteeing an increase bone density, or double my money back.

When I placed my order I found out that I would not be eligible for getting a refund if my bone mass didn’t increase simply because I was on thyroid medication. Well I’ve been on thyroid [medication] for 20 plus years, but I thought you know what, why not give it a try. I was on all these other supplements for a number of years, calcium supplements, really, when I thought they were best money could buy. But my bone mass continued to decline. So I said why not give AlgaeCal a chance. I didn’t get a refund from other calcium supplements that I purchased, so why not give AlgaeCal a chance. And I am so glad that I did.

I recently had another bone scan, and I am thrilled to say it reflected:

  • An 8.1% increase in my spine
  • A 10% increase in my hip

My doctor was overjoyed. He was amazed, and I just thank God for leading me to the AlgaeCal website. By the way, I have no pain or weakness in my hands, and my nails are stronger than ever, and I look forward to getting even better a result on next year’s DEXA scan. Thank you AlgaeCal!”

*With the help of AlgaeCal, Linda increased her spine by 8.1% and her hip by 10% – all while on a thyroid medication.

While we are unable to guarantee your bone density will improve while on medication, Linda’s experience shows that when you take a natural approach to your health, there’s no limit to what your body can do.

And in Linda’s case, not only did AlgaeCal work, but it did wonders.

AlgaeCal Plus is the world’s only USDA certified organic calcium, has no side effects and is a safe, natural and EFFECTIVE way to get the calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K you need as well as 73 other trace minerals.

When it comes to your health, you deserve the best.

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** Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.

88 Year Old Mildred says “My Friends Call Me A Miracle!”

Hi, my name is Mildred Enchelmaler. I’m from New Jersey. On November 27th, 2007 I was walking with my husband, when I fell on the sidewalk. When I was unable to get up, a passerby called the police and rescue squad. In the hospital, it was determined that I had broken bones. My right femur was broken, and my left foot was broken, and my right arm.

After surgery, I was admitted to a rehab facility for 2 months. While there, I was given a synthetic drug to improve the bones for which I was allergic. My daughter recommended AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost. My joints were also painful, and I was unable to even hold a needle between my fingers.

One year later, my bones were significantly improved, and now today, I am pain free, and my bones are doing great! My friends call me a miracle 🙂

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** Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.

We hope that by sharing these success stories you will be encouraged to find others like you who have struggled with bone loss, but ultimately won. As you’ll see in some of the customer reviews below, our customers have fought long hard battles with osteopenia or osteoporosis. And not surprisingly, it’s a battle that is wrought with anxiety and stress. But after consistently taking AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost, along with Triple Power to reduce inflammation, they can hardly believe they once worried about everyday activities breaking a bone.  Their bones are on the mend – and they are worry free.

These AlgaeCal testimonials are just a handful from the thousands of women and men we’ve helped.

Take a look at some of these real customer reviews and listen to them describe the positive change they’ve experienced since starting their Algaecal journey. Imagine the relief of finally finding a product that works to increase bone density with zero side effects.

AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost performed when traditional rock-based supplements could not. Within just 6 months of use, DEXA scans can show significant improvement in your T-scores. With no side effects, our natural multi-nutrient approach to bone building worked for them – and can work for you too!

Join these happy women and men from all around the world. Begin AlgaeCal’s side effect free bone building routine today.