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The Bone Builder Pack

AlgaeCal Plus & Strontium Boost

to increase your bone mineral density starting today.

Your daily density increase will be measurable on DEXA in just 6 months. And you will continue increasing it on every DEXA year after year, or be refunded for all products purchased between scans.

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Shown To Increase Bone Density
In Human Clinical Studies

For the first time in medical history, a nutritional supplement increased adult bone mineral density!¹ Even for volunteers in their mid-80s.

Information to take to your Doctor
AlgaeCal Bone Builder pack bottles

Why Calcium Is Not Enough

Bone Builder Pack

Every day you lose 13 essential minerals from your bones – not just calcium. No wonder you’ve been losing bone while taking calcium supplements! Over a lifetime it’s common to lose half of your bone density, eventually causing fractures.

The Bone Builder Pack replenishes your bones with all 13 minerals plus their supporting vitamins making it the only complete bone builder on the market.

Think of the Bone Builder Pack as a “lifelong partner” which helps you reach your bone density goal. And then keeps you there. Learn more about these two products below.

Let’s take a
closer look…

Strontium Boost bottle

Strontium Boost

Natural Strontium Citrate Helps
Triple Bone Growth

Strontium is the only nutrient known to stimulate bone-building cells and slow down bone-destroying cells at the same time. Study participants who took strontium citrate with their AlgaeCal built on average 3 times more bone than those taking AlgaeCal alone.¹ There were no adverse effects.

Strontium is a similar mineral to calcium. And it’s deposited throughout your bone just like calcium.

That’s why scientists have spent over 70 years testing different forms of strontium to see their effect on bone strength. And the results have been encouraging.

So when clinical studies revealed strontium citrate’s clear bone-building effects, we knew we needed to add it to our multi-nutrient formula.


For best absorption:

AlgaeCal Plus should be taken with food, either a meal or snack.

Strontium Boost should be taken at least 2 hours from AlgaeCal or other calcium-rich sources.

Here’s a common dosing schedule:

Take 2 capsules of AlgaeCal Plus with breakfast and 2 with dinner. Take 2 capsules of Strontium Boost before bed.

Consult your physician before use if you have kidney disease, a medical condition or are taking any medication. Not intended for children and pregnant or nursing women.

Drug Interactions

Some medications and supplements require separation from AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost to limit any potential interactions. For example, thyroid medication, antacids, and certain antibiotics should be taken at least 4 hours from both AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost.

Iron supplements also should be separated correctly. If you take a standalone iron supplement, please take it 2 hours from AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost to avoid decreased absorption. If your iron comes from a multivitamin, you do not need to separate it from AlgaeCal Plus or Strontium Boost.

Vitamin K, including the vitamin K2 in AlgaeCal Plus, may interfere with certain anticoagulant drugs and should be avoided unless otherwise directed by a physician.

If you have impaired kidney function, please consult your healthcare provider before using Strontium Boost.

For general guidelines about how to take AlgaeCal, please reach out to our Bone Health Consultants at [email protected] or by calling 1-800-820-0184 .

Always check with your doctor for details about possible interactions between AlgaeCal products and your medications.

How Strong Will Your Bones Be In 7 Years?

Bone Density Graph Bone Density Graph for mobile

Bone Builder Pack
The Bone Builder Pack increased bone density each year for an average 1.04%, as shown in clinical study.3

Calcium Supplements
Taking traditional calcium supplements slows annual bone loss a little.

No Supplements
Without calcium supplementation, the average person loses 1% of their bone each year.

Your “Stronger Bones for Life” Guarantee

You need strong bones for the rest of your life to enjoy rather than endure your golden years. With our guarantee, you can continue enjoying your favorite activities for the rest of your days.

AlgaeCal Stronger Bones Seal

Measurable improvements will appear at 6 months from when you start your AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost program. So if your next DEXA scan is scheduled half a year or more from now, we guarantee you will see a bone density increase.

You may choose to wait for your next scheduled scan so that it is paid for by your insurance, or you may choose to pay out of pocket to check your results earlier. Either way is fine.

Just allow at least 6 months of taking the products as directed before your follow-up scan. We encourage you to take a scan every year to make sure you’re still building new bone.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you get your DEXA scan at the same clinic every time. Ideally, you’d get your scan on the same machine, too. That way, every scan is directly comparable to the last. If any DEXA does not show an improvement in either hip or spine bone density you will be refunded for all products purchased since your previous scan.

In other words, “scan to scan to scan” improvements MUST be yours for the rest of your life.

Now it’s only a matter of making a decision. We hope you choose to join the thousands who have opted to Break Free.

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