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How to Take AlgaeCal [PDF]

For those of you who might be confused about the best way to take your AlgaeCal Plus or AlgaeCal Basic, Strontium Boost and Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil throughout the day…

We’ve got something you’ll love.

Simply print this handy chart out and stick it on your fridge. Following this daily routine will make sure your supplements are spaced out correctly, and you’ll absorb everything effectively.

Click Here to Download a Printable PDF

Scheduling Your AlgaeCal Supplements

  • AlgaeCal Plus and AlgaeCal Basic should be taken with food. For AlgaeCal Plus (4 capsules a day), most folks take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with dinner. For AlgaeCal Basic (3 capsules a day) most folks take 1 capsule with every meal. You only need a small amount of food (just enough to stimulate the production of stomach acid to help you absorb the nutrients in the supplement), so you can take your capsules with a snack if you prefer.
  • Strontium Boost and AlgaeCal Plus/Basic should be taken 2-3 hours apart to ensure they don’t compete for absorption.
  • Strontium Boost should also be taken 2-3 hours apart from consuming calcium-rich foods. Strontium Boost can be taken with or without food (as it reads on the product label), but most folks take it right before bed on an empty stomach.
  • You can take Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil right off the spoon (it’s that tasty.) But if you prefer, you can take your Triple Power with food as it doesn’t have any interactions. In fact, lots of people enjoy taking their Triple Power with breakfast because the natural mango flavor pairs well with granola, fruits, and yogurt.

Separating AlgaeCal From Other Supplements and Medications

Other Supplements

A general rule of thumb is to take supplements containing high amounts of calcium or iron 2 to 3 hours before or after your AlgaeCal Plus or AlgaeCal Basic, and Strontium Boost. Separating these supplements will help ensure you receive maximum absorption from all your supplements.

You should also separate taking Strontium Boost from supplements containing high amounts of calcium or iron too.

Prescription Medication

It’s also best to separate certain prescription medication you take from your AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost capsules. A general rule of thumb is to separate prescription medications and AlgaeCal supplements by 2-4 hours.

For example, medications to treat thyroid conditions or acid reflux typically need to be taken at least 4 hours before or after you take your AlgaeCal supplements. If you’re unsure about your particular medications, we advise you to confirm your regimen with your doctor or pharmacist.

If You Forget To Take Your AlgaeCal

Sometimes you might forget to take your AlgaeCal supplements…but don’t worry! It happens.

If you forget to take one of your doses of AlgaeCal Plus or AlgaeCal Basic during the day, it’s best to take it a little later on rather than skip it all together (with a little snack to ensure your body absorbs the capsule, of course.)

Remember though; if you take Strontium Boost as well as AlgaeCal Plus or Basic, you need to separate taking the supplements by 2-3 hours. So if you forgot to take a dose of AlgaeCal Plus/Basic during the day and took it a little later than you usually would, when should you take your Strontium Boost?

Well, if you’ll be awake for another 2-3 hours after taking your second dose of AlgaeCal, you can still take your Strontium Boost before you go to bed. But if you take your forgotten second dose of AlgaeCal right before bedtime, take your Strontium Boost in the middle of the night. Like when you wake to use the bathroom for example.

If you still have questions about how to take your AlgaeCal supplements, or about any aspect of your bone health journey, please feel free to call one of our Bone Health Consultants toll-free at 1-844-302-4539. Or if you prefer email, you can reach us at [email protected].

Pssst…Did you know the recommended daily amount of calcium intake for women 51 and older is 1200 mg from food and supplements combined? (For other ages ranges, check out our main calcium page.)

AlgaeCal Plus (720 mg) or Basic (750 mg) will provide a good portion of your daily target, but you’ll typically still need around 500 mg of calcium from your diet too. The good news is, the Standard American Diet provides about 500 mg per day, which should get you to target!

However, we wanted to make it easy for you so we created the top sources of calcium in another of our printable PDFs: Top 42 Calcium-Rich Foods Shopping List.

Author: Monica Straith, BS

Monica is the PR and Outreach Manager and Fitness Lead at AlgaeCal. She’s an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and has a B.S. and B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she played varsity soccer for four years. Monica pulls from her experience in athletics and health to contribute to AlgaeCal and has also been featured on myfitnesspal blog, Prevention, and Huffington Post.