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Your “Stronger Bones for Life” Guarantee

You need strong bones for the rest of your life to enjoy rather than endure your golden years. With our guarantee, you can continue enjoying your favorite activities for the rest of your days.

Stronger Bones Guarantee

Measurable improvements will appear at 6 months from when you start your AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost program. So if your next DEXA scan is scheduled half a year or more from now, we guarantee you will see a bone density increase.

You may choose to wait for your next scheduled scan so that it is paid for by your insurance, or you may choose to pay out of pocket to check your results earlier. Either way is fine.

Just allow at least 6 consecutive months of taking the products as directed before your follow-up scan. We encourage you to take a scan every year to make sure you’re still building new bone.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you get your DEXA scan at the same clinic every time. Ideally, you’d get your scan on the same machine, too. That way, every scan is directly comparable to the last. If any DEXA does not show an improvement in either hip or spine bone density you will be refunded for all products purchased since your previous scan.

In other words, “scan to scan to scan” improvements MUST be yours for the rest of your life.

Now it’s only a matter of making a decision. We hope you choose to join the thousands who have opted to Break Free.

Your 3 Steps to Guaranteed Bone Density Increases

  1. Have a DEXA scan that is not more than 30 days old to establish a baseline measurement. (If you had a DEXA scan more than 30 days ago, your guaranteed period will launch from your next scan onward. So don’t wait! Get started building healthy new bone right now before your guarantee begins.)
  2. Take these two products at full dose as directed for at least six months.
  3. Get your follow up DEXA scan from the same clinic as your first scan. It doesn’t matter when… six, twelve, even 24 months after you start – as long as you have continued to use your products between scans.

If your follow up scan does not show an increase in your hip and/or spinal bone density, we refund every penny you paid us between those two scans.