Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil


So Tasty You'll CRAVE It

Now there’s a better (and delicious) way to get your omega 3s. Triple Power also has two antioxidants (curcumin and astaxanthin) that support healthy aging and keep the oil fresh. Triple Power is so delicious that you’ll want to sneak an extra dose!

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Why Triple Power Fish Oil?
Powerful Antioxidants
Naturally Sweetened
Superior Omegas
Triple Guaranteed
Triple Power Omega-3 Fish Oil
The World's Most Powerful Antioxidants - In One Tasty Serving
Oxidative stress is at the root cause of bone loss. Research shows that certain antioxidants can reverse the damage caused by stress and help maintain healthy bone remodeling. Only AlgaeCal’s Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil delivers 300% more fish oil, plus clinical doses of two powerful antioxidants (curcumin and astaxanthin) to target the root cause of bone loss.
  • Product Details
    Best tasting fish that can improve your omega 3 blood levels in just 90 days
    Do not give this to your pets as this product includes Xylitol
    Suggested Use:
    Take 1 tablespoon daily to maintain omega 3 levels OR take 2 tablespoons daily to increase omega 3 levels
    29 servings per 16-ounce bottle
  • Drug Interactions
    Consult your doctor before using this product if you use blood thinners, or anticipate surgery, as fish oils may have a blood thinning effect.
  • Ingredients
    What's Inside?

    EPA & DHA - 1200mg

    Triple Power contains generous doses of the two critical omega-3s, DHA and EPA. It's these two fatty acids that provide the anti-aging benefits you expect from an omega-3 fish oil.

    Turmeric Root Extract (95% curcuminoids) - 100mg

    Curcumin has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Studies show it improves blood levels of antioxidant enzymes glutathione and catalase, which allow your cells to function properly.

    Astaxanthin - 3mg

    In clinical studies, astaxanthin was 6000 times more powerful than vitamin C at removing free radicals from the body and an astonishing 800 times more powerful than the popular supplement CoQ10.

Fight the Root Cause of Bone Loss
Meet the world's most potent bone antioxidant combo
Undo the damage caused by free radicals
Antioxidants help balance the stress imposed on your bones from free radicals. Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil contains clinical doses of curcumin and astaxanthin. Research shows that curcumin may decrease inflammation and alter the creation of bone metastases, while astaxanthin may inhibit the breaking down of healthy bone and protect against trabecular bone loss.
Omega-3s enhance the bone-building process
Omega-3s help mesenchymal stem cells become osteoblasts (cells that form new bone)
Triple Power is packed with generous doses of two critical omega 3s, DHA and EPA. Clinical research shows positive correlations between EPA and DHA intake and bone mineral density in osteopenic women. Pair Triple Power with our Bone Builder Pack for the best all-natural bone-building trifecta.
Absorb more fish oil
Why straight from the spoon is better than capsules
Your body can absorb up to 300% more of the good stuff from our fish oil when taken in liquid form.
Delicious Mango Flavor
A tasty fish oil that's burp free!
Triple Power is deliciously adult- and kid-approved because it contains natural mango plus the plant-based sweetener xylitol for an irresistible taste that won't spike your blood sugar. Bonus: No unpleasant fishy burps. Guaranteed.
A mango beside a bottle of Triple Power Fish Oil

As Pure As It Is Powerful

We start with fresh, wild anchovies, sardines, and mackerel in pristine waters off the coast of Peru. These species are cold-water, oily fish without the mercury concerns of others you find at the supermarket. The fish are then guided through molecular distillation, which uses safe vacuum-like pressure to remove any last impurities. Then we bottle the oil in small batches to ensure the best quality control.

To prevent oxidation in the bottle (and in your body), we add the potent antioxidants curcumin and astaxanthin. Finally, every bottle is nitrogen-flushed to remove all the oxygen, so there is no possibility for oxidation to occur.


You're Guaranteed To Love Triple Power, Or It's Free!

Guarantee No 1 - Improve your omega-3 levels:
Triple Power will improve your omega-3 levels in 90 days, or you’ll get a full refund.

Guarantee No 2 - Best-tasting fish oil:
Triple Power will be the best tasting fish oil you’ve ever tried, or you’ll get a full refund.

Guarantee No 3 - Burp-free:
Triple Power will be fresh and burp free, or you’ll get a full refund.

Includes Access To...

The World's #1 Bone- Health Support Group

The AlgaeCal Community is an exclusive Facebook group for AlgaeCal customers. Join thousands of like-minded people who are working toward renewed bone health. It's a friendly non-judgemental space where you can ask questions, celebrate successes – and even make new friends.

  • A peer group of over 17,000 people
  • Bone-building exercise videos
  • Recipes for healthy, delicious bone- supporting meals
  • "Ask Lara" Live Q&A with a bone health expert
  • Exclusive interviews with functional medicine experts 
We partner with the world's leading bone-health scientists
Prof. Didier Hans
Head of Research & Development Center of Bone Diseases, Lausanne University Hospital CHUV, Switzerland
Dr. Liz Lipski
Professor and Director of Academic Development, Nutrition programs in Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health.
Dr. Loren Fishman
Medical Director of Manhattan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Founder of the Yoga Injury Prevention Website
Lara Pizzorno
Best-selling author of Healthy Bones Healthy You! and Your Bones; Editor of Longevity Medicine Review, and Senior Medical Editor for Integrative Medicine Advisors.
Dr. Carole McArthur
Professor of Immunology, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City; Director of Residency Research in Pathology, Truman Medical Center.
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