Lithothamnion superpositum

Red Algae "Lithothamnion superpositum"

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Lithothamnion superpositum is a species of red coralline algae found off the South American coast. Taxonomically, it’s a red algae in the Rhodophyta phylum, from the Corallinales order (also known as Algas calcareas), the Lithothamnion genus, and one of the 103 species within that genus. You can read a description of each taxonomical step in the next section.

Since Lithothamnion superpositum is found in the Algas calcareas order- and the South American locals call the kiwi-sized balls of algae by the same name- we shortened it to “AlgaeCal”! So the unique strain of red algae used in every bottle of AlgaeCal Basic and AlgaeCal Plus is actually Lithothamnion superpositum.

And it’s this specific species of algae that’s behind the clinically documented bone density increases in people of all ages.

Luckily, AlgaeCal has the worldwide exclusive rights to this particular algae species.

Below you’ll see the scientific classification chart for this marine algae.

AlgaeCal Classification Chart

  • Phylum

    Phylum – Rhodophyta (Red Algae)

    Red algae is aptly named because the algae reflects red light, thanks to its pigment phycoerythrin. (Though there are many species that are different colors– even blue, purple, yellow, and more!) Most are found in saltwater and are common in reefs. There are over 7,000 species currently identified under this phylum!


    Order – Corallinales (Coralline algae) also known as (Algas calcareas)

    As the name suggests, this algae secretes a coral-like hard shell of carbonate around itself, like coral does. Of course, AlgaeCal’s algae is a plant, not a coral!


    Species – Lithothamnion crispatum, Lithothamnion superpositum (Heterotypic Synonym)

    This is the unique algae species off the coast of South America used in AlgaeCal’s calcium products. It’s typically a kiwi- or lemon-sized ball of purplish live algae that attaches to seaweed on the ocean floor. At a certain point, it’s washed onto shore in a protected eco-marine park and sustainably hand-harvested.

The Final Word on Lithothamnion superpositum

To this point, no other algae- let alone plant- has been shown to increase human bone density year over year. But Lithothamnion superpositum has, along with the clinical data to back it up.

That’s why at AlgaeCal we’re excited to share this unique algae calcium with the world. And we’re especially obliged to let those with low bone density know about its amazing results.

To learn more about this special plant calcium- and how we discovered it- please check out this page here.