Strontium Boost

Natural and scientifically proven to support bone density improvement

Strontium Boost

Natural and scientifically proven to support bone density improvement

Clinically Supported
The only strontium citrate product backed by studies! Participants increased bone density by 3% when taking both AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost!
To increase your bone density in 6 months when taken along with AlgaeCal Plus!?
Strontium is a naturally occurring mineral found in your bones!


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  • Your ‘Stronger Bones for 7 Years’ Guarantee
  • Take a DXA scan to determine your bone density now. Then follow directions for use of AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost for at least 6 months before taking another scan. We guarantee you increased bone density in EVERY follow-up DXA scan for the next 7 years with continued use of these 2 products! If not, we will refund every penny you paid for our products between your scans. You MUST WIN your battle against bone loss or be fully refunded!

    Guarantee Exceptions

    • Drug Use: many prescription drugs interfere with bone density. Call us toll free to learn if your prescription excludes you from our guarantee. 1-800-820-0184
    • Early Stage Menopause: for the first five years of menopause, hormone shifts can offset the bone building benefits from our products
    • If you are in either of these exceptions, the nutrients in our products are EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to take to minimize your bone loss! And often you will STILL increase your bone density in spite of medication use or early menopause.

1 Month Supply

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1 bottle of Strontium Boost

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Strontium Boost Overview

Strontium BoostStrontium Boost is composed of strontium citrate. The earth element strontium (naturally found in small amounts in your food) is combined with citrate (common in fruit) to bond the two into strontium citrate. Strontium Boost taken together with AlgaeCal Plus is guaranteed to increase your bone density in six months.

Strontium is a similar mineral to calcium in many respects and is naturally present in trace amounts with around 100 micrograms in every gram of your bone.

Various forms of strontium have been tested on bone strength since the 1950`s with positive bone building effect, so strontium citrate was added to AlgaeCal in some of the clinical research groups with excellent additive results. Depending on formulation, study participants increased bone density by 3 to 4%.

Some correctly argue that strontium can overstate DEXA scan bone results by as much as 11.2%. If this is the case the positive results in the AlgaeCal studies are still outright increases in bone density in older adults who should be losing bone. It should also be noted that strontium studies show reduced fracture risk independent of bone density readings.

Supplement Facts

Each bottle contains:

  • 60 Easy-to-Swallow Veggie Capsules
  • Pure Clinical Grade Strontium Citrate
  • 2 capsules per day = 30 day supply

Supplement Facts

2 Capsules Per Day
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving
(from Strontium Citrate)
680 mg*
*Daily Value (DV) not established


AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost should be taken separately, at least 2-3 hours apart for optimal absorption. These two minerals are chemically similar and therefore compete at the same absorption sites. The most common daily regimen is to take 2 capsules of AlgaeCal Plus with breakfast and two with dinner, then 2 capsules of Strontium Boost before bed. (Strontium does not need to be taken with food). Strontium is not intended for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Drug Interactions

Antacids and antibiotics may reduce Strontium’s absorption so take them at least 2 hours apart from your strontium. Estrogens and Androgens (male hormones) may decrease how fast the body eliminates strontium causing too much strontium to stay in your system. This drug interaction information is just a brief overview. Always check with your doctor for details about possible interactions between AlgaeCal products and your medications.

Medical Studies

View Bone Study 1
Examines the Effect of AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost on Adults Bone Density after Six Months
View Bone Study 2
Examines the Effect of 3 AlgaeCal Formulations including AlgaeCal Plus on Post-Menopausal Women Bone Density at One Year
View Bone Study 3
Examines the Effect of AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost on Adults Bone Density and Health after Seven Years


7 year guarantee sealWhen you take AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost accordingly– we guarantee you will see increased bone density in EVERY follow-up DXA scan you have while using these 2 products – or we will refund every penny you paid for our products between your scans. This guarantee extends to every scan you have for the next 7 years!

Too Good to Be True?

Since no other calcium company, no drug, and no doctor guarantees you will increase bone density even for one year, why should you believe our 7 year guarantee?

Because we have been offering this guarantee since 2006. Because 19,473 customers like you have ALREADY built stronger bones…and only one person didn’t see the results we guarantee! And because our products are clinically supported to increase bone density over a 7 year period – they just work.

Measurable improvements always appear at 6 months from when you start your AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost program. So if your next DXA (or DEXA) scan is scheduled half a year or more from now we guarantee your bone density increase. You may choose to wait for your next scheduled scan so that it is paid for by your insurance, or you may choose to pay out of pocket to check your results earlier. Either way is fine for us. Just allow at least 6 months of taking the products as directed before your follow up scan.

In other words, “scan to scan to scan” improvements MUST be yours for the next 7 years!

What You Need To Do

Have a DXA scan that is not more than 30 days old to establish a baseline measurement. (If you had a DXA scan more than 30 days ago, your guaranteed period will launch from your next scan onward. So don’t wait! Get started building healthy new bone right now before your guarantee begins.)
Take these two products at full dose as directed for at least six months.

Doctor and patient look at DXA scan resultsGet your follow up DXA scan. It doesn’t matter when… six, twelve, even 24 months after you start – as long as you have continued to use your products between scans.

If your follow up scan does not show an increase in your hip and/or spinal bone density, we refund every penny you paid us between those two scans.

You can repeat this process of increasing bone, guaranteed, from scan to scan, for the next 7 years! (Because our products are clinically supported to increase bone density over a 7 year period.) At that point, we’ll be happy to repeat the guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you will see a bone density increase with every subsequent scan! You are automatically extended!

Your satisfaction is also guaranteed for as long as you take our products. You must be 100% satisfied, or you get your money back. Period. If you need anything at all please call our amazing customer superstars toll free at 1-800-820-0184.


  1. Current Prescription Drug Use. Studies show that a wide range of prescription drugs, including bone drugs, interfere with natural bone density increases. You may take drugs now that impede AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost from increasing your bone density. To learn if your prescription is excluding you from this guarantee, please call toll free 1-800-820-0184.
  2. Early Stage Menopause. If you are in the first five years of menopause, your hormone balance may cause a dramatic drop in bone density. So even the great nutrients in AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost may not be able to offset the loss. So women in this phase of life are excepted from the Guarantee. IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you fall into one of the guarantee exceptions, AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost is still your smartest choice because it is the ONLY nutrient combination that is clinically supported to increase bone density in adults. If you are taking medications or are in early menopause, you need every nutritional advantage you can get. Often, exempted customers STILL increase their bone density!

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Disclaimer: Guarantee matches 3 clinical studies results. Results may vary by individual. View studies.