Omega 3 Blood Test Kit Test the omega 3 levels of your blood in seconds, with a simple finger poke

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At-home test kit allows you to test the omega 3 levels of your blood in seconds!
Get your test results within 5 business days of the lab receiving the sample!
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Omegaquant Analytics is the leader in omega 3 testing!
Omega 3 Blood Test Kit
Description: Omega 3 Index Dry Blood Test Kit
Suggested Use: Measure your blood omega 3 percentage conveniently from home
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Omega-3 Fatty Acid Blood Test Kit

Omega 3 Blood Test Kit

The leader in omega 3 testing, OmegaQuant Analytics, provides a kit requiring only one drop of blood. Mail the kit off and get your results within 5 days of receiving the sample.

Why test your red blood cells? Red blood cell levels of omega 3’s are representative of levels found in organs such as the heart and brain. Research shows that low blood levels of omega 3’s are related to disease and early death. For example, increased risk of fatal heart attack, depression, arthritis, and possibly dementia.

And it is clear that most Americans have low Omega 3 levels!

It is also known that consuming more omega 3’s (EPA and DHA), will improve the cellular concentration.
So test your level now, and then measure your improvement after taking Triple Power Fish Oil.

Note: OmegaQuant cannot analyze samples from the state of New York due to New York state regulations.

Why Measure Your Omega 3 Index?

Because the only way to know if you have healthy levels of these critical fats is to directly measure them. Most people have levels that are associated with increased disease risk, so it is best to find out now and top up on omega 3’s if necessary. Eating fish and supplementing with regular strength fish oil does not mean your omega 3 levels will be optimal. Differences in metabolism, absorption and genetics mean individual scores vary even with the same EPA/DHA intake. Best to test and find out.

Sample Report

Here is a sample of the report you will receive from your OmegaQuant test. You will learn your omega 3 Index. That means the percentage of EPA and DHA Omega 3’s in your red blood cells.

Omega-3 Index Report

The Desirable Omega Index Level

The target Omega-3 Index is 8% and above. This is a level that current research indicates is associated with the lowest risk for death from heart disease. It is also a typical level in Japan, a country with one of the lowest rates of sudden cardiac death in the world. An index of 4% or less (which is common in the US) indicates the highest risk for cardiovascular disease, dementia, and increased aging.

How Fast Can My Low Omega 3 Be Corrected?

Raising your Omega-3 index is determined by the amount of EPA/DHA consumed over time. Also, the absorption ability of the Omega 3’s plays an important role. For example, Omega 3’s from plant sources such as flax or chia seeds are very poorly absorbed. Fish oil is exponentially more effective at reaching your cells.
But there are differences in absorption capabilities among fish oils too. Fish oil in capsules is the least absorbable and fish oil emulsions are the most absorbable.

The easiest way to increase your Omega 3 Index is by taking a double dose of Triple Power fish oil. Triple Power is a highly absorbable emulsion with high EPA/DHA. So two tablespoons daily will normally move a 4% Omega Index to 8% within 3 months!

Taking a single tablespoon will yield the same result but takes about twice as long. Moving your index from 4% to 8% is unlikely to occur from eating oily fish alone. Supplementation from high EPA/DHA fish oil is necessary.

OmegaQuant is the Most Researched Test

AlgaeCal Inc. researched all of the available Omega-3 tests. We selected OmegaQuant because it is the most credible and accurate test on the market. National Institutes of Health clinical studies used it. It is also the only test that is a simple finger poke. The others require getting a blood draw from a lab.

Instructional Video

OmegaQuant is the Most Researched Test These omega-3 fatty acids support:

Test Kit Instructional Video


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1 Year Money Back GuaranteeOur 1 Year Money Back Guarantee either leaves you 100% satisfied, or you get your money back. Period. That’s why we give you a full year to test drive all our products and superior service!

Take Our “90 Day Oil Change” Challenge!

Low cellular concentrations of omega 3 have been linked with cellular aging. Higher cellular concentrations are associated with greater health and longevity. Also improved brain and cardiovascular health. Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil’s unique profile will significantly increase your omega 3 blood levels in just 90 days if you take it as directed. Some organs especially need larger concentrations of omega 3 such as your brain, heart, eyes, skin, joints and more. For best health, blood levels of 8% or more is the goal. 4-8% is intermediate, and lower than 4% is undesirable.

To perform an “oil change” in your body it takes about three months when you consume two tablespoons of Triple Power Omega 3 daily.

What can you expect? You’re likely to see an increase of 2 percentage points or more. For instance, if you’re starting at 3%, you can expect to achieve omega 3 blood levels of 5% after three months. And increasing your omega 3 blood levels by 2 percentage points translates to about a 20% increase of omega 3 in your cells! How can you take part in the 90 Day Oil Change Challenge? Be sure to order 2 Omega Quant tests along with 6 bottles of Triple Power. Test your blood with a small finger prick on day 1, and again 90 days later.

Triple Power Omega 3 Triple GuaranteeIf your second score doesn’t show improvement, send us your test results. And we’ll promptly refund the cost of your entire 6 bottle purchase. The “90 Day Oil Change Challenge” is open to individuals whose omega 3 levels are below 8% on your day 1 test. (That is almost everyone!). While you’ll most likely see an increase of 2%, depending upon where you started you may need more time to achieve the desired 8%. If that’s the case, continue two daily doses for an extra 2 or 3 months. Once you reach 8% maintain your status easily with 1 tablespoon per day.