AlgaeCal Basic

All natural, easy to digest & derived from plants - not rocks.

AlgaeCal Basic

All natural, easy to digest & derived from plants - not rocks.

Bone Maintenance
Maintain your current bone density!
Plant-based calcium, magnesium and 70 trace minerals from algae!
Added D3
1000 IU of vitamin D3 for optimal bone support!


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AlgaeCal Basic Overview

AlgaeCal BasicAlgaeCal marine algae supplies a full spectrum of calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals. 1000 IU of vitamin D3 has been added to the algae powder to make AlgaeCal Basic an excellent bone maintenance support supplement.

Algas Calcareas marine algaeLithothamnion superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it). The entire kiwi-fruit size algae ball is hand harvested, sun dried, then milled into a powder. There is no extraction process or additives used – just pure whole food.

Pre-Digested Calcium is Body-friendly

The AlgaeCal plant draws calcium and 70 other minerals from sea water and pre-digests it for you much like a carrot or potato root breaks down the in-edible rock minerals in soil converting them into a useable form your body recognizes as food. Most traditional calcium supplements are made from pulverized limestone or marble.

AlgaeCal plant-digested calcium is so body-friendly that it dissolves in 30 minutes using USP standard tests simulating stomach conditions proving it is very bio-accessible.

Algas Calcareas is Certified Organic and Kosher

USDA Organic symbolOrganic certification attests to both the purity, and to the sustainability of this algae. A third party organization called IBD Certificacoes has certified that the harvest area is free of pollutants and that the harvest levels are allowing this resource to regenerate. IBD is held responsible by the USDA and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) ensuring that AlgaeCal is the highest quality, wild-harvested ingredient. See Organic Certification for Algas Calcareas.

Algas Calcareas is kosher certified through Natural Food Certifiers. See Kosher Certification.

Minerals are the Key

Did you know that clinical studies demonstrate trace minerals are important for bone growth in addition to calcium and magnesium? Patent pending AlgaeCal is more than a plant-source, whole-food calcium supplement. AlgaeCal also contains high levels of natural magnesium, plus more than 70 trace minerals, and phyto-nutrients. You get a full spectrum of minerals and plant nutrients working for you instead of one or two elements like most calcium supplements provide.

AlgaeCal Plant Calcium has 1000 IU per day of vitamin D3 added.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

3 Capsules Per Day
Servings Per Container: 20

Amount Per Serving %DV
Calcium 750 mg
(from AlgaeCal)
Magnesium 65mg
(from AlgaeCal)
Vitamin D3 1000 IU
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule
*Daily Value (DV) not established

AlgaeCal Basic contains 60 capsules. If you are maintaining your current healthy bone density, 2 capsules per day may be sufficient, making this a one month supply. The clinical study showing a small increase in bone density at one year, was achieved with 3 capsules per day.

USDA Organic symbol

Who should supplement with AlgaeCal Basic?

Two different types of people:

  1. Children and teenagers up to 18-years old.
  2. Adults taking older anticoagulants (blood thinners) who are unable to switch to a new type of blood thinner.

For example, adults taking blood thinners like Coumadin and Warfarin (who cannot switch to new blood thinners like XA inhibitors and Direct Thrombin inhibitors) should take a clinical dose of AlgaeCal Basic each day to support their bone density.

If you don’t fall into either category, you’ll see best results for your bone density with AlgaeCal Plus.


Take AlgaeCal Basic with your meals to optimize absorption. Take 3 capsules daily, 1 capsule with each meal. If you are maintaining your current healthy bone density, 2 capsules per day may be sufficient.

How Much Calcium Do You Really Need Each Day?

The daily target is 1200 mg per day of calcium intake from food and supplements for low bone density. An average person who consumes dairy products gets 500 – 700 mg of calcium from their daily diet, so you would need to supplement 500 – 700 mg of calcium. Each AlgaeCal Plant Calcium capsule contains 250 mg of calcium. So 2 to 3 capsules of AlgaeCal Basic = 500 to 750 mg calcium. The clinical studies resulting in modest bone density increases were based on participants taking 3 capsules per day.

Drug Interactions

Calcium supplements, including AlgaeCal, should not be taken at the same time throughout the day as (at least 3 hours apart):

  • Quinolone antibiotics
  • Tetracycline antibiotics
  • Bisphosphonate bone drugs
  • Some heart medications
  • Thyroid medications such as levothyroxine
  • Water pills
  • Iron supplements
  • Strontium supplements

This drug interaction information is just a brief overview. Always check with your doctor for details about possible interactions between AlgaeCal products and your medications. In some cases, calcium reduces the effectiveness or required dose for certain medications. Often the solution is to take calcium and the medication at a different time of the day. Your doctor should be consulted if you have any questions whatsoever.

Medical Studies

View Bone Study 2
Examines the Effect of 3 AlgaeCal Formulations including AlgaeCal Plus on Post-Menopausal Women Bone Density at One Year