Common Calcium Side Effects

Calcium is necessary for strong and healthy bones. In fact, up to 99% of your calcium is stored in your bones and teeth.

That’s why the latest data shows that 61% of women 60 and over take a calcium plus vitamin D supplement. But it is common for people to report calcium side effects after beginning supplementation.

Traditional Calcium Supplements Come With Side Effects

You may be asking…what are traditional calcium supplements?

Well, almost every calcium supplement on the market is made from marble or limestone. If you look at your current calcium product, the supplements facts box will call it “calcium carbonate” or “calcium citrate” or some other name, but it is simply ground up rocks! Yes, you heard that right.

You wouldn’t think of making a peanut butter and marble sandwich, or a greens and limestone salad, so why eat rock calcium supplements? I know that may sound a bit silly, but it’s the truth.

Calcium Side Effects - Sources
You might have wondered why your calcium pills are large and hard to swallow, then constipate and cause digestive discomfort. Now you know why! But tolerability issues are just the tip of the iceberg warning us of more sinister problems with rock based calcium supplements.

The following are some common calcium side effects from traditional, rock-based calcium supplements: (Not AlgaeCal)

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • (AlgaeCal has no side effects)

Can Too Much Calcium Cause Constipation?


Calcium, when taken in excessive amounts and not properly balanced with its key partner nutrients can definitely cause constipation. In fact, it is well known in research circles that taking traditional calcium supplements that provide too large a dose of elemental calcium, can cause upset stomach and constipation.

So why might this be?

The most common reason is inadequate magnesium intake. You see, calcium and magnesium work together in many activities throughout the body. This means they have to be in balance to work properly! This includes your digestive tract. For more, watch this video.

The important takeaway: Don’t give up your calcium supplement – you absolutely need it for healthy bones. But choose a supplement that has adequate calcium and magnesium, in their proper proportions. And also one that contains vitamin D3, vitamin C and boron!

Another reason why you may experience calcium side effects is taking too large a dose of calcium at one time. This can be easily corrected…read on below.

Why You Should Take Calcium in Smaller Doses

If you’ve been taking your calcium all at once in doses higher than 500 mg, you’re doing it wrong.


Because your body absorbs it better at a lower dose.

One study took 37 healthy men and women. Once group was given 1000 mg of calcium to consume at once and the other, was given 300 mg of calcium twice, daily. The results showed that the group who took 1000 mg of calcium all at once only absorbed 28.4% of elemental calcium in that dose.  The second group on the other hand, absorbed 36% of elemental calcium in that dose.

The researchers then determined that the maximum dose of elemental calcium that should be taken at one time, for the best absorption result, was 500 mg, no more than 500 mg. And that a dose of about 350 mg taken twice daily, is likely to provide the best absorption of elemental calcium from a supplement.

By taking your calcium in smaller doses, you will be reducing your chance of any side effects.

Now you may be thinking…is there a calcium supplement out there that doesn’t have these reported side effects?

And the answer is, yes.

A Plant Based Calcium with NO Side Effects

AlgaeCal plant calcium is becoming increasingly popular because people are realizing that nature knows best.

Nowhere in nature do you ever find a food that contains just 1 or 2 nutrients.

To put it simply, nature knows what vitamins support which minerals, in the combinations and dosages that are ideal for your body.

That’s what makes AlgaeCal plant calcium so special.

AlgaeCal PlusMany people experience digestion problems and constipation after taking traditional calcium supplements, as mentioned above. This problem could stem from the source of calcium (rock) along with other fillers and binders to form it into a tablet.

But with a certified organic plant calcium, many people have seen their digestive discomfort alleviate – likely because plants are easier to digest than rocks.

Traditional calcium supplements come with traditional calcium side effects: bloating, nausea, constipation, and gas. This is because it’s not natural to be supplementing with limestone or marble.

Instead, look for a USDA certified organic plant calcium like AlgaeCal Plus. Not only does it contain plant based calcium, but it also has magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin C and trace minerals in the amounts that are ideal for your body. The way nature intended.

Clinical studies have shown that there are no side effects from long term use of AlgaeCal plant based calcium.

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