The Health Benefits of Copper

Copper and Bone Health

While it might be surprising to think of copper as something our bodies require, it has been shown in numerous studies to have a positive impact on our bone health.[1],[2]

Among the studies on copper and bone health, researchers have found a definite correlation between copper deficiencies and lower bone density and bone strength.[2] It has been demonstrated that copper can have a positive impact on the spinal bone densities of post-menopausal women.[2] Copper has also been shown to be essential in the metabolism of bone, working along with certain enzymes such as lysyl oxidase to help incorporate both collagen and elastin into the organic component of bone.[2]

In a recent rat study, copper was shown to have an effect on the balance of bone building cells vs bone absorbing cells. The rats that didn’t get enough copper in their diet essentially had their bones remodelled because of this imbalance.[2] Copper isn’t just for pipes anymore! It is an essential mineral, vital to the health and strength of our bones!



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