AlgaeCal Overview


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Natural Osteoporosis Treatments Calcium Supplement

AlgaeCal stands apart from all other calcium supplements because it is the only pure plant calcium on the market. That’s right – typical calcium supplements are made from rock. But AlgaeCal is made from a USDA Certified Organic high calcium algae that is only found on the beaches of South America.

Typical rock calcium supplements have been proven in countless studies to only slow down bone loss. Made from limestone and marble, these crude calcium supplements have been served up in America since the time of FDR. Why? Because rock is high calcium, cheap and plentiful. And as we had no better alternative, slowing bone loss seemed better than nothing.

But finally a more effective alternative has been found. Yes, multi mineral AlgaeCal is the only calcium supplement that has been clinically proven to actually increase your bone mineral density- at any age!

Don’t need to supplement you say, because you eat a balanced diet? Once upon a time that was true, but due to modern mass farming practises, the foods we eat today have 50% less minerals in them than your grandparent’s generation. So many of us have a calcium deficiency.

This is partly why osteoporosis is becoming an epidemic! But AlgaeCal calcium supplements will conveniently and affordably make up for any calcium deficiency.

And because AlgaeCal is made from rare high calcium algaes, you only have to take 3-4 small capsules per day to meet your mineral needs.

But with all the products on the market claiming to be ‘the solution’ to your health problems, how do you choose one; who do you trust? Well you should look for products that have been tested not on animals, but extensively on humans, and that have been reviewed by outsiders, not the company selling it to you.

You can have faith in peer reviewed published AlgaeCal studies that involved hundreds of participants of all ages, as well as legions of happy customers. The results and testimonials prove AlgaeCal is both safe and effective!