How Sezzle Works

Order AlgaeCal Now, Pay Later
Sezzle allows you to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments

For example:
25% today, 25% in two weeks, 25% in four weeks, and 25% in 6 weeks.


Payment charged every two weeks

Sezzle is free for you to use. That’s because we pay for it so you don’t have to. It’s our
way of making it easier for our customers to invest in their bone health.


Here’s How It Works:

Shop just like normal on At checkout, select the "Sezzle" option.

    1. You’ll go through Sezzle’s easy 1-minute approval process without having to leave checkout. Approval decisions are instant and there’s no impact to your credit.
    2. At checkout, you’ll pay 25% of your order total. We’ll ship your products all at once within one business day, just like if you’d paid in full.
    3. Then, the next 3 payments (25% each) will be automatically deducted from your bank account every two weeks until the final payment is made 6 weeks later. It’s that easy!
    4. And remember, you pay nothing extra for using Sezzle—no interest, no fees*. We pay for this service so you don’t have to.
    5. By partnering with Sezzle, we’ve made it easy for you to invest in your bone health. So go ahead and order today!

*Sezzle allows up to three payments to be rescheduled per order. The first reschedule is free. The next two cost $5 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Sezzle Secure?
    Yes. Sezzle undergoes quarterly scans and yearly audits to ensure all data is safely stored in their systems, and also to maintain compliance at the highest level in the Payment Card Industry (PCI): PCI Level 1.
  • Does using Sezzle affect my credit?
    Sezzle uses a soft credit check to make approvals. Soft credit checks do not impact your credit score.
  • How fast is the approval process?
    The approval process is instant, so you’ll know right away whether you’ve been approved.
  • Why was my application declined?

    Common reasons for a declined application include:

    • Order amount over $1,000
    • Credit score is too low
    • High existing balance with Sezzle (for example: if you recently used Sezzle to make another purchase and haven’t paid it off yet)

    If your Sezzle application is declined, you can still complete your order by paying in full as normal.

  • Can I reschedule my payments?

    Yes. Sezzle allows up to three payments to be rescheduled per order. The first reschedule is free. The next two cost $5 each.

    Payments can be pushed back up to 14 days.

    To reschedule a payment, you can use your Sezzle online dashboard or the Sezzle app, or contact Sezzle support.

    Once a payment is rescheduled, all future payments will be pushed back the same number of days as the rescheduled payment. Example: If you postpone your 2nd payment by 3 days, your 3rd and 4th scheduled payments will automatically be pushed back by 3 days as well.

    NOTE: A payment cannot be rescheduled if it has already started processing. To ensure a payment does not process as originally scheduled, it’s recommended to reschedule the payment at least 48 hours in advance. Also, there is no way to edit a payment date once it has been rescheduled, so if you picked the wrong date and need to fix it, a $5 fee will be assessed.

    How to reschedule a payment online:

    1. Login to your Sezzle Dashboard
    2. Click the “Manage Order” button beside the order that needs to be rescheduled
    3. Click “Reschedule” next to the payment that needs to be adjusted
    4. You will then be walked step by step through choosing a new due date
  • How do refunds work with Sezzle?
    To get a refund, simply contact us here at AlgaeCal at (800) 820-0184 or [email protected] and we’ll take care of you from there.
  • I have a problem. Should I contact Sezzle or AlgaeCal?

    If you have a question about your Sezzle account (like a login or payment issue), contact Sezzle.

    Sezzle’s phone hours are 9 AM CST to 5 PM CST Monday through Friday. Sezzle does not have phone support on the weekend, but they do have reps available for email support. Any voicemails left on the weekend are followed up within 24 hours.

    Sezzle Support Phone Number: +1 (888) 540-1867

    Email Sezzle Support at: [email protected]

    You can also fill out a contact form here:

    If you want a refund or want to make changes to your order, contact us here at AlgaeCal at (800) 820-0184 or [email protected].