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Real Stories From Women and Men Who Are Increasing Their Bone Density

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Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Christa

Christa Increased the Bone Density in Her Spine by 17.8%!

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Julie Cooke

Julie Increased 9% In Her Lumbar Spine And 5.1% In Her Right Hip…In Just 1 Year!

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Helga Bluemel

After Years of Continuous Bone Loss, Helga Finally Found Something That Worked

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Judy Fettig

“Judy’s sister called her one day with news that’s still changing her life”

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Lynn Kendall

“The Doctor Was Surprised — and Said There Was Such an Improvement!”

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Bill Mesusan

Bill Increased His Bone Density In Just 6 Months! Even His Dr. Was Surprised

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Kathy Southall

Kathy only wishes someone had given her information about AlgaeCal 4 years ago.

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Mary Teeuwen

Mary’s Doctor Wants to do What She’s Doing

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Kara Wood

“Call AlgaeCal! The people are wonderful… I can’t speak enough of their customer service.”

Testimonial thumbnail portrait of Elaine Briggs McMullen

My Doctor Was Thrilled! She Stopped Calling Me And Telling Me That I Was Going To Break Something.