See genuine AlgaeCal reviews from customers who have used our products to reclaim their bone health and combat osteoporosis.  None of these are paid endorsements – they’re just real users who were elated by their success and wanted to share it with the world!

Susan Lee
Portland, Oregon
Jun 15th, 2014

Susan Searched For Alternative Supplements to Replace What She Had Been Taking

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Betty increased bone density her first year.... She’s now osteoporosis-free!
Betty Rombough
West Caldwell, NJ
Feb 8th, 2017

Betty increased bone density her first year. And increased further each year ….for 10 years. She’s now osteoporosis-free!

I was elated! I went from -3.0 and -3.2 and -3.4 scores, all the way to what they are today. You can check that out. It’s posted. So for me, AlgaeCal is a no brainer, and I’m thankful that I found it.
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Judy Fettig profile photo
Judy Fettig
Great Falls, Montana
Jul 24th, 2017

“Judy’s sister called her one day with news that’s still changing her life”

My doctor said "Your spine bone density has increased by 20% over the past two years, continue with your current supplements!" Now, I have a feeling that there will come a day where my bones will have normal density!
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Linda Zarnowski profile photo
Linda Zarnowski
East Brunswick, NJ
May 9th, 2017

Multiple fractures, kidney stones from rock calcium and fierce opposition from her doctor didn’t stop Linda from finding what would eventually work for her.

I am so pleased to report that my bone density increased by 8%! My doctor was so impressed with the results, he said 'do exactly what you’re doing! Don’t stop, it’s working.
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Jean McLean
Burnaby, BC
Mar 27th, 2017

11.9% and 8.9% bone density improvements in only one year. Now with 9 straight years of bone density increases Jean is ecstatic!

The comparison from 2007 to 2016 is truly amazing. My lumbar spine went from -2.3 and femur -1.3, to -0.2 and -0.3, respectively. I hope my testimonial inspires you to give AlgaeCal Plus & Strontium Boost a try.
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Linda S. Smith
Kenner, LA
May 11th, 2014

A Bone Density Increase of 10%… Despite Being on Thyroid Medication!

I am thrilled to say my bone scan reflected an 8.1% increase in my spine and a 10% increase in my hip. My doctor was overjoyed. He was amazed, and I just thank God for leading me to AlgaeCal.
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