How to Detox Your Body Naturally For Bone Health

Bone Healthy Living / Health / January 6, 2017

How to detox naturally

Just like anything else, preventing osteoporosis through diet and lifestyle is much easier than curing or treating it after the fact.

Detoxification, or detox for short, is the medicinal or physiological removal of toxic substances from the body, which is mainly carried out by the liver. ¹

The idea behind a natural detox diet is that it will help cleanse your body and gives your organs (such as your liver and kidneys) a bit of a break from working so hard. It will help you ‘reset’, which is why it’s so popular during the New Year.

While food is usually the focus when it comes to supporting your body’s detoxification process, there are other things you can do too.

And when it comes to your bones, detoxification has bone healthy benefits as well.

Why You Need to Detox and Cleanse

  1. Remove harmful chemicals. When we say harmful chemicals, we’re talking sugar, pro-inflammatory foods such as processed white flour and preservatives.  Even if your diet and lifestyle on the right path – sometimes it’s nice to restore and support your immune system by completing a detox or cleanse.
  2. Detoxification is normal. The detoxification process is natural, normal and necessary. Our organs such as the liver, skin, lungs and kidneys work to neutralize the toxins in your body every single day. But sometimes it can get overloaded with environmental toxins, unhealthy food and lifestyle choices – so it can use a little help.
  3. Reduce toxicity. It’s not only foods you need to worry about, but your surroundings. Your environment. Pollution, household cleaners, makeup and other beauty products can all contribute to toxicity in the body.

So now that you understand why a detox is helpful, let’s look at how you can do it.

The following are the best ways to detox your body. Each is also helpful for your bones, too:

Sleep and Rest

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can affect your bone health. ² Researchers at the Medical College at Wisconsin observed that a lack of sleep in rats halted bone formation. Lead researcher, Doctor Carol Everson suggests that if the same is true for humans, sleep deprivation could also have an impact on how our bones repair themselves.

Sleep for detox

Sleep and stress go hand in hand. When you’re under a lot of stress, you usually don’t sleep so well. So to combat daily stress, try meditation. Mindful meditation has been studied to lower cortisol, a stress hormone. ³ High cortisol levels directly affect your bone health by triggering inflammation in the body, which reduces your body’s ability to absorb calcium.

One three-month long study had participants cultivate awareness of their breathing, the nature of consciousness and observance of mental events. In addition, they practiced cultivating compassion, loving kindness and mental calmness as states of mind. All of which, you can include in your daily practice, too.

Detox Your Body with Food

What you put into your body is just as important as what you don’t. In terms of a natural detox diet and bone-friendly foods, there are numerous choices.

  1. Avocados: In a single 3.5 ounce (100 gram) serving of avocado you are getting 26% RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) of Vitamin K. ⁴ Vitamin K has been demonstrated in human intervention studies to reduce fracture rates. ⁵ AlgaeCal Plus has added vitamin K2 (in the optimal form of MK-7), which has been proven to increase bone density – at any age!
  2. Beets: Beets contain a plant pigment called betalains, which gives beets their color and boast anti-inflammatory properties. Scroll down for our detoxifying beet recipe below.
  3. Collard Greens: These cruciferous vegetables can lower your cancer risk by supporting your body’s anti-inflammatory and detox systems. 
  4. Fennel: Not only is fennel rich in vitamin C, but it also is high in fiber and low in calories making it an ideal detoxifying food. 
  5. Green Tea: Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, specifically polyphenols! One 2008 study found that green tea may reduce oxidative stress on your bones and improve femoral bone mineral density.⁷ In addition, it also acts as a diuretic, which can alleviate bloating.


Fluids, fluids, fluids! You already know how important hydration is for overall health, but it also affects your bones. One symptom of dehydration is constipation, which means your colon is removing waste slowly and this buildup can lead to inflammation and bowel problems.

In fact, we knew this as early as 1908 when the director of Pasteur Institute, Eli Metchnifoff was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. ⁸ He found that pathogenic colon bacteria could act slowly to poison the rest of your body. In other words, when bacteria is sitting (from constipation) in your colon, it can affect your entire body and your bones.

But drinking all your water can be daunting. Especially since the old rule of thumb suggests 8 glasses per day – although The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine suggests even more: 

  • Women = 2.7 liters (about 11 cups)
  • Men =3.7 liters (more than 15 cups)

This is total water, every day. Meaning fruits, veggies, and other liquids can be included in that as well. High water-containing foods (that are made up of at least 92 percent of water by weight) include watermelon, strawberries, zucchini, cauliflower, cucumbers, and eggplant to name a few. ¹⁰ So add these into your diet whenever possible to add to your total daily water consumption.


Poor digestion means reduced absorption of nutrients and can lead to bone loss. Meaning one of the most important lifestyle changes for osteoporosis you can make is to adopt habits that support a healthy gut.

Coeliac and inflammatory bowel disease are gastrointestinal disorders that affect your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. While calcium, magnesium and other bone-building nutrients may be consumed at adequate levels, the risk of bone density loss is still high because sufferers simply cannot absorb them properly.

If you suffer from poor digestion, you can combat this by avoiding pro-inflammatory foods and foods you are sensitive too. Also, consuming fermented and probiotic rich foods have been shown to promote healthy gut bacteria and have bone-benefits, too. ¹¹

Choose foods such as the following:

  • Natto
  • Miso
  • Sauerkraut
  • Yogurt
  • Kimchi
  • Pickles
  • Olives
  • Tempeh

Liver Cleanse

One of the best ways to detox your body as part of a healthy osteoporosis lifestyle is to start with the liver. It plays such an important role in detoxifying your body and processing proteins and nutrients needed for strong bones. The liver is responsible for a myriad of functions in the body, most notably: ¹²

  • Processing nutrients and making it absorbable for the body
  • Regulating the amount of protein, sugars and fats in your blood
  • Destroying old red blood cells
  • Producing proteins for blood plasma
  • Processing and metabolizing alcohol and medications
  • Removing toxins from the blood (e.g. ammonia)
  • Storing and releasing vitamins and minerals (e.g. vitamin A)
  • Storing and releasing glucose
  • Regulating blood clotting
  • Producing bile

If you’re taking AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost, you’re going to be getting all the nutrients you need for healthy bones (minus collagen protein and omega 3’s).

But you need a healthy liver to make sure your body is able to use these bone-building vitamins and minerals you’re getting from supplementation and a healthy diet.

Help your liver out by cutting back on these things:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Unnecessary medications
  • Processed and refined foods, meats, sugars and fats

And doing more of this:

  • Drinking green veggie juice: juiced vegetables are easier to digest and absorb.
  • Eat potassium rich foods to support healthy liver function
  • Assist detoxification with turmeric, milk thistle and dandelion root. Milk thistle helps remove heavy metals, whilst turmeric supports liver metabolism, and dandelion has a natural diuretic effect which assists the liver to flush out toxins. ¹³⁻¹⁴

The state of your liver is so important for your overall health, so make it a priority to take care of it in 2017!

Gentle Detoxifying Yoga

We also love yoga as a gentle yet detoxifying form of weight bearing exercise.

Here is a Surya Namaskara “Sun Salutation” sequence our team filmed for you on a beautiful morning in Cabo, Mexico.

This Detox Yoga Session is taught by one of our own Customer Service Superstars and certified instructor, Alexa. With encouraging words and modified poses for all fitness levels, these are safe and detoxifying poses you can try today.

Note: If you have a serious back or spine injury, or other concerns, please check with a doctor before attempting exercise.


Yoga can help to boost circulation, blood flow and lymphatic drainage. A great low-impact option that you can do in the comfort of your home.

If you’re feeling ambitious or are already familiar with yoga, try these extra detox poses that we’ve modified to be easier and safer to do at home.

1. Circulation + digestion + detox: Modified Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Bend at the knees and place hands on a block for support

Modified Wide-Legged Forward Bend Yoga Pose

2. Circulation + digestion + detox: Modified Chair Pose + Revolved Chair Pose for detox twist

Your torso is going to be more upright in this modification than the typical chair post, which makes the pose easier to achieve. Pull in your navel and remember to keep your knees behind your toes. The gentle twist in the revolved chair pose is detoxifying, but don’t overdo it.

 Modified Chair Pose + Revolved Chair Pose

And for your reference, the full chair twist looks like this:

 Modified Chair Pose + Revolved Chair Pose

3. Lymph drainage: Assisted Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog

Ask a partner to push down on your raised foot whilst steadying you at the thigh with one hand for added support. Push down into the earth with your fingers to take pressure off your wrists in this position.

Assisted Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog Yoga Pose

4. Metabolism + digestion: Modified Plow Pose

Use a wall for support. Palms are open to the sky and feet are flexed.

Modified Plow Yoga Pose

5. Blood and lymph detox: Modified Eagle Pose (without spine twist)

Balance on your left leg, with right leg over left knee and toes touching the earth for balance. Squat down slightly keeping knees behind toes. Place hands on shoulders and keep your gaze forward.

Modified Eagle Yoga Pose

Modified Eagle Yoga Pose

3 Easy Recipes to Help You Eat Clean

The idea behind a detox is that it will help cleanse your body and gives your liver a bit of a break from working so hard. It will help you rejuvenate and renew yourself, which is why it’s so popular during the new year.

But instead of going crazy and cutting out whole food groups and restricting caloric intake, a much more fun way and rewarding way is to explore new cooking techniques, tastes and recipes.

Eating well is simple. So we want to end this post with the following 3 ‘detox’ recipes for a healthier you this year…

1. Super Green Delight Smoothie

Makes 1 serving

Leafy greens, nut milk and added AlgaeCal Plus give this smoothie a bone healthy boost. Add flax, chia or hemp for an omega 3 and protein kick.

For more info on green smoothies, check out Are Green Smoothies Good For You?

  • 1 cup chopped kale
  • ½ small apple, chopped
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • ½ avocado
  • ½ cup ice
  • 2 capsules of AlgaeCal Plus powder
  1. In a blender add kale, avocado, almond milk and powder from 2 AlgaeCal Plus capsules
  2. Then add the apple and ice
  3. Cover and blend well
  4. Enjoy!

2. Coconut Chai Steel Cut Oatmeal

Makes 4 servings

Oats are a common breakfast go-to. Whether that’s steel cut, oat bran, or old-fashioned oats, they all have their benefits. In particular, oats are known to be a good source of soluble fiber. ¹⁶

  • ½ cup coconut or almond milk
  • ¼ tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 2 chai tea bags
  • Toppings: sliced banana, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds
  1. Steep 2 chai tea bags in 3 cups of water (steep according to tea directions)
  2. In a large pot, add the chai water and steel cut oats
  3. Simmer for 25 minutes
  4. Add milk and cinnamon and stir gently to combine for another ~10 minutes
  5. Top with banana, nuts or any additional toppings
  6. Enjoy!

3. Coconut Oil Roasted Beets

Makes 3-4 servings

Beets support detoxification because of their unique source of phytonutrients, called betalains. ¹⁵ Betalains have been specifically shown to support our body’s Phase 2 detoxification process. This process is called the conjugation pathway.

Simply put, our cells attach on to toxic substances or drugs and make them less harmful. This makes the toxin or drug water-soluble and therefore can be excreted through our urine.

If you want to support your body as much as possible during a detox, this should be a food staple!

  • 3-4 medium sized red beets
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • ½ tsp. Himalayan salt
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Peel beets and cut them into wedges
  3. Spread beets out on a medium baking sheet over top aluminum foil
  4. Drizzle with coconut oil and salt evenly
  5. Roast for 30-40 minutes (flipping them halfway)
  6. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed our bone healthy detox for the new year! Let us know what you do to detox and rebalance after the festive season in the comments below.

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Marshall Ballou
Marshall Ballou

Hi there ! There is recent information published about Coconut oil NOT being a healthy oil to use in cooking! Sesame oil in winter and Sunflower oil in summer or for smoothies or baking is my choice!

Also you have recipes that use a lot of nightshade vegetables which are not good for arthritis!


Hi Marshall,

Thanks for taking the time to comment!
We recommend a whole food, plant-based diet loaded with green leafy veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, wild fish and lean proteins. We understand that everyone is different and has different conditions, so we encourage to discover what the right ‘diet’ is for you.

As for arthritis and nightshade vegetables, states that there is no formal research for that claim and that studies show that they can actually lower blood markers of inflammation.

– Monica from AlgaeCal


Hello… concerning the COCONUT OIL BEETS Recipe
I usually add coconut oil to my coffee and I have Organic
BEET POWDER that I add to my protein shake. How much BEET
POWDER Do I need to equal one BEET???
Thanks for your assistance…..
Jan 1,2017


Hello LouAnne

Thanks so much for visiting our blog. It’s hard to answer your question as it does depend on which beet powder you are using – the process in which it is made can differ from brand to brand, thus impacting the final powder. I have found online that 1 tsp equals 3 beets, but I cannot say that this information is accurate (

Best to check with your beet powder manufacturer 🙂

Thank you and hope you enjoyed this post.

– Jessica @ AlgaeCal

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