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Do You Have Chronic Pain? Joint Pain? Osteoarthritis?

When you have pain, whether it’s joint, osteoarthritis or chronic pain, sometimes all you want to do is lie in bed and not move.

I’ve been there.

There are days where my hip flares up and it’s tiring and distracting. (I live with osteoarthritis in my hip).

But when you have this pain, exercise is a must. Why? Research shows that exercise improves your pain threshold.

You see, with chronic pain, your pain threshold drops. This means that it takes less pain to make you feel more uncomfortable.

But when you exercise, strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility, your pain threshold improves!

How Exercise Can Easily Relieve Your Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain - Stretching

Studies show that stretching can increase your joints’ range of motion. This not only helps you fight through stiffness, but it can also protect from any wear and tear.

“The more joints move, the more the cartilage gets nourished by the joint fluid,” says Charles Bush-Joseph, MD, of Rush University Medical Center.

Makes sense, right?

The same can be said for aerobic fitness. One study followed 24 participants before and after a 6-week cycling training program.¹ After the 6 weeks, the exercise group improved their aerobic fitness and pain tolerance. As guessed, the control group (or the group that didn’t participate in the training program) experienced the same pain threshold as before.

One more example…Tai Chi. One study group of older women with osteoarthritis symptoms completed a 12-week Tai Chi program.² The women were not only able to safely perform the 12 forms of Sun style Tai Chi exercises, but reported improved arthritic symptoms, balance and physical function.

The common theme here: movement, motion.

Your body needs to move. To lubricate its joints. To help with chronic pain. And to keep you healthy!

Your Chronic Pain May Also Be Deficiency Related

Exercise can only do so much for your pain management. So if you are still experiencing pain, it may be from a mineral deficiency

For instance, deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to chronic back pain.³ Low vitamin D levels can also weaken your muscles and when combined with weakened bones, can cause joint pain. AlgaeCal Plus provides 1600 IU (or 400% of your Daily Value) in just 4 capsules. It also provides 84% of your Daily Value of vitamin C – another link to pain if deficient.

Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin for collagen production.⁴ As you know, collagen plays a very important role in bone health. (Your bones are made mostly of collagen. And the combination of collagen and calcium gives your bones its strength and flexibility.)

This may be why some people experience pain-relief after taking AlgaeCal.* AlgaeCal Plus takes a multi-mineral approach to your bone health. It contains all 13 known essential bone supporting minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and boron. Plus there’s vitamin C, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 too.

Have you experienced relief?AlgaeCal Plus

To my delight–within a month it made significant difference in my level of arthritis pain –but even more importantly, I experienced relief from chronic tendonitis in my elbow–which I had been told would require surgery to repair.” – Miriam Valere Salt Lake City, UT

The joint pain was unreal. I had been taking calcium supplements without any relief. I then switched over to AlgaeCal and in seven days I started to notice a change.” – Paulette Link Seattle, WA

The scan showed improvement of 7.4%. Besides improvement from my hip I am pain free!!” – S. Modugno Toms River, NJ

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** AlgaeCal is not a pain-relief supplement and individual results may vary.

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Author: Dean Neuls, AlgaeCal CEO and Co-Founder

Dean Neuls is AlgaeCal’s Co-Founder and CEO. He has been operating the company since its beginning, and is passionate about creating an excellent product that helps people. Neuls is also a natural health author and student of bone health science.  As the discoverer of plant calcium and sponsor of calcium clinical research, he is uniquely qualified in this field. He also leads the rest of the AlgaeCal staff by example with his healthy diet and active lifestyle. Dean was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan and raised all over Canada.