Exercise / Fitness / Nutrition / August 6, 2015

You’ve probably heard that too much salt is bad for your health. And it’s true. Excess salt has been associated with high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney disease to name a few. But what you may not know is that adequate salt intake is important not only for your workouts, but also your bones. Why Your Workouts (and Bones) Need Salt A recent (June, 2015) and very large study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows chronic low sodium concentration in the blood (hyponatremia) increases risk of osteoporosis, fragility fracture by 390%! In other words, when sodium (salt) in your blood is abnormally low it increases your risk of fracture by a staggering amount. Why might this be? Well, studies have shown that a large fraction of body sodium is stored in your bones, meaning that…

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Exercise / Fitness / Osteoporosis / June 16, 2015

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) is one of the oldest and most respected medical journals in the world. That’s why one of their latest articles caught my attention. It’s about osteoporosis drugs neither being cost effective nor viable – and is something I thought you should read: “Overdiagnosis of bone fragility in the quest to prevent hip fracture.” It’s well written, unbiased and backed by the years of research they have gone through themselves. It’s worth the read, but it’s quite long, so if you want the summary, here it is below! Osteoporosis Drugs Are Neither Viable Nor Cost Effective, Experts Say It is estimated that about 1.5 million fractures occur every year, worldwide. And this number is expected to increase with the growing elderly population. Science daily explains that, “before the late 1980’s, osteoporosis was diagnosed after a bone fracture. But…

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Exercise / Fitness / Nutrition / May 3, 2015

May is National Osteoporosis Month. And chances are, you or someone you know has suffered from osteoporosis. So you understand that a sudden fracture can not only interrupt your regular routine, but change your lifestyle for the worse. That’s why today (and the rest of the month), I’m asking you to join us in spreading the word about the importance of building and maintaining strong bones. Test Your Bone Health Knowledge Below is a video of Barbara Hannah Grufferman, who is the Bone Health Ambassador for the National Osteoporosis Foundation. She asks Millennials a few questions about their bone health and offers up a few tips. You may be surprised at how much (or little) they know. Do you think your loved ones know the answers to these basic questions? If you want to make sure, share this video and…

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Exercise / March 31, 2015

Have you ever wondered how much exercise you have to do until it’s ‘enough?’ Enough to reap the benefits for your heart and lungs. Enough to minimize aging. And enough to maximize your muscle and bone strength. “Enough” Depends On… Your age. As you get older, it’s important to get the most gain for the time you put in by maximizing your workouts. According to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, older adults should do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate-intensity workouts, at the very least. Research has shown that working out consistently 3 days a week is linked to many health benefits such as better heart health, arthritis and depression. Of those 3 days, 2 of them should incorporate muscle strengthening exercises in the form of resistance training (see definition and specific exercises…

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Exercise / Prevention / June 30, 2014

The benefits of regular exercise far outweigh the excuses for not adding it to your life. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to overcome your excuses for not exercising. But when it comes to your health, excuses do more harm than good! And when it comes to your bones, a lack of exercise and specifically weight-bearing exercise, plays a vital role in deteriorating bone health. Weight-bearing exercises literally means to, ‘bear your own weight.’ Sounds too easy right? Well life doesn’t always have to be so hard! And in this case, it’s not. Weight-bearing exercise is one of the best things you can do to increase your bone strength because of the concentrated pressure it puts on your bones. When you don’t regularly stress your muscles, joints and bones, they begin to weaken over time. Here are three weight-bearing…

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Algaecal / Exercise / May 15, 2014

Stair climbing is considered a convenient and beneficial weight-bearing exercise. While walking is a great bone-building exercise, climbing the stairs can be considered ‘taking-it-up-a-notch’ in terms of putting increased stress on your muscles and joints (in a good way) to build strength and reduce your risk of falling. When you are climbing the stairs, you must concentrate on your balance and work muscles and joints in a way they would not be working if you were to go for a walk instead. So the next time you see a flight of stairs next to an elevator, opt for those stairs because you are not only getting your daily physical activity in, but you are also increasing your bone strength too. Source by Sunnybrook  Climb The Stairs To Better Health Stair climbing can help you achieve and maintain a healthy body…

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Exercise / Fitness / April 21, 2014

Guest Author : John La Puma MD is a practicing physician, board-certified in internal medicine and nutritionist. His latest publication is REFUEL: A 24 Day Eating Plan to Boost T and Stamina Naturally. For more from Dr. John La Puma, please visit drjohnlapuma.com. Transcription Hi I’m Dr. John La Puma with your Refuel Minute. Stay strong as you get older. People over 60 need 50% more protein than younger people to maintain their muscle mass. Resistance exercises that build strength can also add muscle cells. You want more muscle cells because that’s where the insulin receptors are. That means better insulin sensitivity, less fat storage, and less inflammation. To stay strong, ask your doctor to write you an actual exercise prescription. Know your numbers. How many push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, bur-pees, jumping jacks, and how long a plank can you do…

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Exercise / March 28, 2014

Edna is 97 years-old and twice a week for the past decade she has gone to the gym and done resistance training, squats and an array of other exercises, all with a smile on her face. Her trainer, Anton Mackey told TODAY.com that, “she is an inspiration for other clients, and all people lacking motivation.” Mackey has posted Instagram videos of Edna during her workouts and the response has been insane! Her popularity continues to grow as well as inspire others to continue moving, no matter what their age is. One commenter wrote, “she’s my idol.” The next time I feel lazy and unmotivated, I know I can turn to Edna to inspire me!   For the full article click here: http://ow.ly/v8brG   

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