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Bone Benefits of Calcium Do Not Continue After Supplementation Ends

This week I wanted to speak to you about a bit of a conundrum.

You see, the best phone calls we receive each week are calls from customers telling us how happy they are to have increased their bone density and be back to ‘normal’ bone density.

Of course the flip side of that (the conundrum I just mentioned) is when we find out that people who have achieved such incredible results stop taking AlgaeCal!

When this happens, it actually pains me to think that those customers are heading right back down the slippery slope of inevitable bone loss.

Let me tell you why…

Why You Should Always Take Your Calcium

 A study carried out by New Zealand’s University of Auckland examined data from 322 healthy men to find out whether the positive effects on bone mineral density (BMD) of calcium supplements can be maintained once supplementation ends.

The participants were given varying levels of calcium over a two-year period and then were tested after the study was finished. According to the data, which was published in the Medical Journal Osteoporosis International, BMD increased at all sites in the group receiving 1,200 mg of calcium per day compared to the placebo group. With a rise of one and 1.5 percent at two years compared to the group receiving the placebo. (Please note that this is not a real increase in bone density – just an increase compared to the group which didn’t take any.  Both groups lost bone.  Traditional calcium does not increase bone density outright as shown once again.)

However, once the trial was finished and the participants stopped taking the calcium supplements, guess what happened?

There was only shown to be residual benefits of total BMD of .41 percent compared to placebo, with no significant differences measured at the hip and spine between the two groups.  So they lost most of their benefits after they stopped taking their calcium!

The researchers concluded that it is unlikely to maintain BMD and ongoing fracture prevention once calcium supplementation has ended.

How This Applies to Your Bone Health

If the benefits of calcium stop after supplementation ends, it shouldn’t be a wild guess that ending supplementation for important bone-building minerals like vitamin D, vitamin K2 and magnesium would also end too.

After all, one of the reasons we start taking supplements is to correct a deficiency or make up for the shortfall of these vitamins and minerals in our everyday diet. Keep in mind that it takes years to develop severe bone loss and in some cases can take months and years to overcome it – it simply doesn’t happen overnight.

Unfortunately when it comes to our bone health, it’s just a fact that as we age we are going to continue losing bone density. That’s why it’s important to always keep supplementing even when you are back to the ‘normal range,’ to ensure that you don’t undo all the hard work you’ve done for your bones to be healthy and strong.

We’ve seen the results our customers get. We know our formula is sound. The science and your testimonials support that. That’s why we believe AlgaeCal should be the main building block of your bone health foundation. It supplies you with the 14 proven bone-building vitamins and minerals your bones need, but it can only do that if you take it faithfully!


Reid, IR ; Ames, RW ; Mason, BH  et al. Randomized controlled trial of calcium supplementation in healthy, non-osteoporotic, older men. Arch Intern Med 168(20):2276-2282 10 Nov 2008

Author: Monica Straith, BS

Monica is the PR and Outreach Manager and Fitness Lead at AlgaeCal. She’s an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and has a B.S. and B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she played varsity soccer for four years. Monica pulls from her experience in athletics and health to contribute to AlgaeCal and has also been featured on myfitnesspal blog, Prevention, and Huffington Post.