Exercise / July 22, 2016

Author Bio Cathy is a fitness expert at garagegymplanner.com. She writes regularly on topics revolving around exercise and diet and helps educate readers on the best ways to improve their health and looks naturally. Exercising and keeping to a regular workout schedule can be a hard task, especially if you don’t like exercising and find it hard to stay motivated. But everyone can do it! read more >

Nutrition / July 19, 2016

Today we’re sharing another healthy recipe that is not only easy to make, but also full of flavor. The humble sweet potato is an easy-to-find addition to your diet that is a rich source of beta carotene, complex carbohydrates, fibre, and vitamin A and C. read more >

Blog / Nutrition / July 15, 2016

What is Potassium? | Causes of Potassium Deficiency | Common Signs of Deficiency | Bone Health | Potassium and Calcium | FAQs We think it’s important that you know about potassium. It’s essential to have the right level of potassium in your blood to maintain good health. And it’s even more important to be aware of your potassium levels if you are taking diuretics. Why? Read on! What is Potassium and Why Do You Need It? Potassium is a mineral essential to the normal functioning of our cells, tissues and organs. It plays a vital role in maintaining healthy blood pressure, nerve impulses, heart health, and smooth muscular function (1). It also plays an important role in digestion and carbohydrate metabolism(2). Potassium is an essential mineral that our bodies cannot naturally produce(3). This means we need to keep check of our… read more >

Blog / July 14, 2016

Are you feeling a little blue? Not to worry! Eating a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet can add a spring to your step. There are plenty of mood enhancing nutrients in the foods that we eat. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are not only great for your overall health; many boast mood boosting properties that can reduce anxiety, increase happiness and combat depression. See if the following nutrients are part of your diet already… read more >

Nutrition / July 5, 2016

This is a new recipe I thought up and cooked over the weekend because my son, Galen, can actually eat all the ingredients! At the moment, he is avoiding dairy, all the grains and more. So, I’ve had to get a little creative. Thankfully, this turned out really well – and looks beautiful! Pesto is so versatile. It makes a great pasta sauce, it also works well with steamed vegetables, potatoes, even in omelets! There are tons of uses and thus, lots of ways to sneak more bone-building greens into meals.   Cannellini Beans with Basil Pesto and Kalamata Olives Ingredients: Cannellini beans, 1 quart dried organic beans (least $ in the bulk section of your grocery) Basil, organic, 4 ounces Extra virgin, organic olive oil 1/4 cup (avoid oils packaged in plastic, look for glass or metal containers, as… read more >

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