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Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • Natural Bone Health  Posts should mostly be related to the topic of natural bone health.  Also of interest are posts related to our Triple Power Fish Oil ingredients.  Occasionally extraordinary general health findings or just fun lifestyle topics are ok too, but then need to be, well, extraordinary!
  • 100% original content. We ask that posts submitted to will be unique and original. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted somewhere else online (not even your personal website/blog).
  • Word count. We have no minimums or maximums but posts typically run between 800- 1500 words.
  • Health claims. Make sure to include sources to back up your claims. If you mention a statistic or study please include a link to that source. Peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals or other credible outlets are the standard. Put relevant links in brackets []
  • Bio and promotion. We do not compensate contributors for posts, but we’re more than happy to include a byline and a brief bio linking to your website and social accounts. Please keep your bio to 3-4 sentences.


We are looking for posts that will help our readers grow and feel inspired in the area of bone health. AlgaeCal readers are health-conscious, active individuals who are looking for natural ways and a holistic approach to health.

  • Photos. We encourage contributors to submit original photos along with your posts.  Dimensions should be at least 850 wide x 400 pixels tall.
  • For recipe posts. Recipes that are rich in calcium, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals known to be beneficial for bone health. Please include an original, high-quality photo of your dish. Include the serving size, ingredients (with the measurements used) and directions on how to prepare the recipe. Also include an intro paragraph on why it is one of your favorites, how to serve it or what makes it a bone healthy recipe.
  • For nutrition posts. We are looking for nutrition information on vitamins and minerals beneficial for bone health. Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K, inflammation, boron, Omega 3’s, protein, collagen and more.
  • For fitness/exercise posts. We are looking for exercises and fitness posts specific to bone health. This includes but is not limited to posture, balance, resistance training, weight bearing exercise, yoga, pilates.  Photos are encouraged to demonstrate the exercise and clear instruction on how to complete it. Assume the AlgaeCal reader is fit, but also keep in mind that there may be some limitations due to age and conditions (osteopenia/osteoporosis). So please include alternatives or variations to your exercises if applicable. If you have a short video (shorter than 5 minutes), we are happy to include that too.
  • For medical posts. Such as recent studies, breakthroughs – explain medical jargon in a clear, concise way and in layman’s terms if possible. If you are referring to a study or making a health claim you must include your sources. Peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals or other credible outlets are the standard. This way, our readers can investigate further if they want to know more.

Please see the following examples for the type of style we are looking for:

How to Make Butter from Leftover Cream

Understanding Bone Fractures

How to Determine Your Omega-3 Needs

Ready to contribute?

If you have the expertise and are willing to create an outstanding article for the AlgaeCal  audience, please email us the following:

  • Fill in subject line: Submit for AlgaeCal.
  • Include in the body of the email: your full post with a working title and sources. Any relevant images for your post. Please do not send images pasted within a document (send as separate doc.)  and only send images that are your own.
  • Your brief bio (3-4 sentences) with any links to your website and social handles. Please put the links in brackets so we know what to link to. For example: []
  • A headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.

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