AlgaeCal Sustainability

Calcium algae environmental sustainability

The unique high calcium algaes that grow wild in the ocean and are the basis for AlgaeCal Plus calcium supplements are hand harvested by indigenous people in small batches, only once nature’s tides have rolled these tennis ball sized plants onto the shore.

After rigorous inspections, the AlgaeCal ingredient was declared USDA/EU/IFOAM Certified Organic – the only calcium ingredient in the world with this esteemed designation.

Popularly understood to indicate that the product is free of contaminants, AlgaeCal’s combined USDA and IFOAM Organic Certifications also means that wild harvested products are collected only in small, monitored and sustainable amounts. This is done to ensure that these high calcium algaes replenish, and the supply of AlgaeCal Plus calcium supplements will always meet demand.

AlgaeCal takes every ecological measure and safeguard in the collection, processing and bringing of the finished product to market, so that a fair balance is struck between preserving what Mother Nature provides, and addressing and rectifying the calcium deficiency that affects so many.

AlgaeCal appreciates what nature provides to us and recognizes it is not to be taken for granted. That is why the company preserves and nurtures these high calcium algaes, so that they will always be around – and you will never have to have a mineral and calcium deficiency again.