The AlgaeCal Story

Best Absorbing Calcium

AlgaeCal is made from rare South American marine algaes called Algas Calcareas. They are only found washed up on shores south of the equator.

Historically these algaes have been dried, crushed and used to fertilize farmer’s fields to affect the pH balance (as AlgaeCal is highly alkaline as well as high calcium). Also, the algaes that make up AlgaeCal traditionally have been used in livestock feed as a way to balance the highly acidic feed, and being high calcium, to provide animals with much needed minerals and adjust for their calcium deficiency.

The idea to use the ground up algaes for a calcium supplement arose after AlgaeCal CEO Dean Neuls heard stories that South American farmers were noticing their cattle growing more quickly with visibly greater sheen to their coats, and dairy cattle producing higher protein milk due to these ocean algaes in their feed. It seems the cattle had been experiencing calcium and trace mineral deficiency, and so positively reacted to the high calcium algaes.

Dean had been producing a calcium supplement from coral calcium, but as coral is technically in the animal kingdom, a plant calcium from algae seemed potentially advantageous. Upon hearing of these algaes and the difference they were making to the health of farm animals, he raced to South America to see the algaes for himself.

Knowing that calcium supplements have been traditionally made only from high calcium rock, and some with coral, shells and cattle bone, Dean thought the public would be as interested as he was in these mineral rich algaes he saw in the tropical waters of the Atlantic. But he was not driven to bring a new calcium to the market unless it really performed better, so he immediately contacted research organizations to start human clinical trials.

Upon seeing the results these high calcium, mineral rich algaes had on peoples’ bone density in the first clinical study, Dean put all his focus on bringing this gift of nature to the public. He was not content with bringing the algaes to market alone, because new research was showing several other ingredients were additive for bone health. So to the dried, powdered algaes, he added more essential proven bone building elements like vitamin D3, K2 and boron, encapsulated it and called this super calcium supplement formula ‘AlgaeCal Plus’.