AlgaeCal Purity and Quality

Algae Calcium Supplement Purity

Being a consumable product formulated to address calcium deficiency, AlgaeCal calcium supplements are held to the most rigorous government scrutiny and standards regarding, purity, efficacy and safety. As well, AlgaeCal’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control branches are always in place as a safeguard for your health.

AlgaeCal’s purity and quality is guaranteed as part of the USDA/IFOAM EU Organic Certification process. To qualify for this special international designation (the AlgaeCal high calcium ingredient is the only calcium in the world to do so) the product must annually meet very strict requirements and standards regarding contaminants and sustainability.

As well, two published clinical (human) studies looked at the effect of AlgaeCal calcium supplements on participants regularly over a 6 month and 12 month period. The results of the AlgaeCal studies indicate efficacy, safety, purity and quality as the majority increased their bone density, without reporting any side effects, as documented with a QOL (Quality Of Life) questionnaire.

AlgaeCal’s safety again was affirmed by a toxicology study published in 2010 in Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods.

Further recognition of AlgaeCal’s purity, quality and safety is seen in the following:

  • in 2011 AlgaeCal was approved as a ‘listed ingredient’ by Heath Canada.
  • in 2010 AlgaeCal provided substantive data leading to a determination of GRAS – ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ Designation under the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  • in 2009 the U.S. FDA upon extensive review deemed that AlgaeCal was “expected to be safe” and granted self affirmed NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) status.

But guaranteeing purity starts with the harvesting: the unique high calcium algaes are gathered one by one from the pristine beaches of South America and washed in fresh water. From there they are simply milled into powder and bagged for transportation. Then the powder is encapsulated by Pacific Natural Products in B.C. Canada which is an accredited ISO 9001:2000 registered company.

  • AlgaeCal is pre screened and qualified before being given an approved vendor status.
  • All incoming raw material is immediately received into quarantine and immediately sampled.
  • Sampled raw material is sent to accredited third party laboratory and tested for identification, potency (to ensure no calcium deficiency), heavy metals and microbial contaminants. Results are analyzed to ensure they meet government specifications and either approved or rejected before being manufactured into calcium supplements.