The AlgaeCal Mission

Plant Calcium AlgaeCal Mission

AlgaeCal’s one and only mission is to provide a natural alternative for thinning bones, which is usually due to calcium deficiency. There are many chemical drugs available that raise bone density, but only one natural calcium supplement can do so – without side effects – and that is AlgaeCal.

Due to our fast food world, mass farming practices and food processing, many of us don’t get enough minerals, and often needlessly suffer from calcium deficiency.

The result of our compromised diets is sky-rocketing osteoporosis rates. But osteoporosis gets less attention than other diseases because the devastation happens beneath your skin, so easy to miss or ignore.

However it is called the “silent killer” for this very reason – your bone density quietly diminishes to such a point that one day you suffer a fracture from an innocent bump that previously never would have harmed you.

But it’s not the fracture itself that often poses the biggest threat. Fractures late in life render people bedridden exactly when regular exercise is so important to stay healthy. A bone break begins a downward spiral of inactivity that weakens your immune system and sets off an unfortunate chain reaction.

The body becomes vulnerable which allows greater complications a chance to set in, such as deep venous thrombosis and/or pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia.
Consider that the 6-month mortality rate from hip fractures and the complications that result is 13.5%! By year 2 the mortality rate from fractures rises to 20%!

The team at AlgaeCal is on a mission to combat needless fractures that often are the beginning of the end – but naturally, with high calcium supplements that are also rich with many other bone supporting minerals.