AlgaeCal Social Responsibility

AlgaeCal Plant Calcium responsibility

AlgaeCal relies on and has partnered with traditional ‘fishermen’ in remote seaside villages of South America to collect and manufacture the algaes that eventually become the main ingredient in AlgaeCal calcium supplements. For years these high calcium supplements have provided a natural alternative to chemical drugs for thousands of people around the world who suffer from calcium deficiency.

These traditional communities have also benefited from the relationship with AlgaeCal as the collecting of the high calcium algaes provides much needed employment for the locals.

In the name of sustainability and mutual cooperation, AlgaeCal has established and maintains Fair Trade practices and pricing to guarantee as much as possible that the fishermen are adequately and fairly compensated for their labor.

AlgaeCal is pleased that 8 years of steady and regular harvests by these ocean farmers has provided consistent aid to these villages and allowed for the completion of more than one local school, and other public works.

AlgaeCal holds the worldwide rights to distribute this unique high calcium algae in the form of calcium supplements, as well as in functional foods with several patents pending.