Algaecal / October 20, 2011

Stephanie Can Teach Pilates Again Without Discomfort

”Interestingly my hair always very fine and fly away has strengthened and thickened.“

Hi, I am a 55 year old therapist and fit and healthy Pilates teacher.

Every 2 years I have a DEXA scan. I have now had 3 DEXA scans (2007, 2009,2011).

Until 2011, I was diagnosed with osteopenia. The consultant had not prescribed medication of any type up until then. Alarmingly from my last scan in Oct 2011, I showed a 6.3% drop in bone density in the lumbar spine placing me in the definite osteoporosis bracket. The calcium supplements and weight bearing Pilates exercises had had no effect. The consultant prescribed medication. However I am very reluctant to take this as I am anxious about possible short term and longer term side effects.

Then I discovered and started to take AlgaeCal 3 months ago and already I notice and feel the difference in my bones as various Pilates exercises I teach and practice are no longer causing slight discomfort which I had previously experienced. Interestingly my hair always very fine and fly away has strengthened and thickened. Could this be due to some of the minerals in the Algae Cal?
I look forward to the next scan due in 2013 as I am hopeful there will be an increase in bone density , certainly some reversal.