Algaecal / October 12, 2009

Mark’s Natural Approach to Health Had His Dr. Puzzled

“…the 17% increase was surely the result of my taking Strontium Boost…My specialist said this was EXCEPTIONAL”

I publish a family oriented newspaper for Lincoln, Nebraska.

Please feel free to use my email as an endorsement or if you want something new let me know. I’m a big believer in taking the natural approach to health. I’ve had diabetes for 35 years and have been eating healthy for 30 years and taking hefty doses of vitamins for around 25 years. I’m in better health than most of my friends.

My son who is age 25 is on your product ( still a couple a months away from his 1 year dexa scan) and I want to get my 85 year old mother started as well.

After doing extensive web research on my own, I first ordered AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost on November 19th, 2007 and started using your product shortly thereafter. On 9-19-07 prior to starting your supplements my T- score on the hip was -2.2 and the AP Spine (L1-L4) was -4. One year later on 10-09-08 I had a second Dexa scan performed at the same office with the same machine, and my hip increased to -2.0 which is a 5% increase. The spine increased from -4.0 to -3.3 which is a 12.3% increase!

Thank you for making your product available!

I am a 54 year old male. My doctor suggested that I go off your supplements for a year to see if I have a decrease in my bone density. (he is puzzled by the significant increase) Forget that! I want to continue for another year to at least maintain my increase or improve upon it. I’ll be ordering another year’s supple shortly.


Mark Martin Dexa Scan