Algaecal / October 21, 2014

Linda’s Doctor Laughed When She Wanted to Go Natural

“My Doctor Laughed At Me – Until I Showed Him My Increased Bone Density Scan Results”

Five years ago, I fell and fractured the femur – the bone was treated with the placement of four pedicle screws and on I went. Suddenly, the femur had began to wear away until I was forced to undergo total hip replacement; as the blood supply to the femur was cut off by the screw placement. During surgery, they discovered I had osteoporosis as the bone was very soft.

Following recovery from surgery, I had a DEXA scan and found that my score was a minus. The first orthopedic doctor laughed at me as I showed him the AlgaeCal and Strontium that I planned to use in healing and recovery from the state of osteoporosis.

My doctor asked, “Is this all you are planning to take?” I told him that he should consider sharing this with his patients. Nonetheless, I found another osteopath that was willing to help me test the theory. After six months of being on Algaecal I ordered another DEXA scan and returned for the results at the doctor’s office.

The doctor said he has never seen anything like this before. There was a 2.6 bone density increase. The osteoporosis in my spine was now considered osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) and he relayed that the osteoporosis in the good hip looked as if it would totally reverse to a normal state if the results continued.

I sing the praises of Algaecal and share it with everyone I meet. It is a wonderful product and it should be the treatment of choice for the millions who have unfortunately used the pharmaceutical products.

The best part of this story, over and above the bone density increase, was the fact that I could return to the orthopedic who laughed at me and share the awesome results of using the Algaecal and Strontium; also, urging him and his staff to incorporate this product in patient treatment.

Thank you,