Algaecal / September 14, 2013

Lilieth Refused an Injection and Opted for AlgaeCal

“My excitement peaked because in less than a year, bone density test revealed I was no longer osteoporosis!”

I was excited recently when I visited my doctor after doing a new bone density test. However, before I share my excitement, permit me to tell a little about myself.

I was diagnosed in 1991 with an immune system disease called “Pemphigus Benign Familial”– which in simply terms is a condition brought on by stress and causes blistering of the skin folds in most areas of your body. Over the years I was treated with medication, which caused me to develop osteopenia. This later was diagnosed as osteoporosis.

My doctor recommended I take a once a year injection, however I refused because the side effect was a loss of calcium. I was excited when I stumbled across a Newsletter that talked about AlgaeCal calcium and how it was plant based and clinically tested. Because I am very health conscious, I decided to give the AlgaeCal Plus a try.

Hence my excitement peaked because in less than a year I went back for a bone density test and it revealed that not only was the osteoporosis no longer there, it also showed in the scan that my bones were compared to that of a young adult.

I would therefore definitely encourage everyone to take this calcium.

Lewis Lilieth 2010 DEXA
Lilieth Lewis 2013 DEXA