Algaecal / August 18, 2015

Joanne Wanted to Find a Natural Product For Her Osteoporosis


I’m here today to give my testimonial on how AlgaeCal and my experience has turned around for me. In 2013, my DXA scan showed a T-score of -3.6 for the lumbar spine and -3.5 for the femoral neck. The doctor, at this point, told me that there was no over-the-counter medication or no oral medication that could help me at all and he suggested that I consider taking injections.

After looking at the brochure and seeing the side effects, I knew that this was not an option for me. I went to the Internet hoping to find something that was plant-based or a natural substance that I could take. I found AlgaeCal. I read the reports. I listened to the testimonials and I decided that this is something I could really try. I immediately ordered it and started taking it.

Because of insurance I couldn’t do it for a year so I took for two years and my 2015 DXA scan showed -2.5 for my left hip, which was a significant turnaround of 10.8% and for my lumbar spine, -3.1, which is significant of a 0.8%. I took AlgaeCal two times a day and AlgaeCal Plus at noon and evening meal and Strontium Boost at night for two years and this turnaround has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you AlgaeCal.

Joanne Curzie's 2013 and 2015 DEXA