Algaecal / September 13, 2012

“I Have Better Than Normal Bone Density For My Age. I’m 62 This Year.”

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Janice MauHi, in 2007 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After one year on medications there was no improvement. Still bone loss. I stopped taking it.I found AlgaeCal and began the program. Although I have had periods where I’ve missed taking the AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost (ran out, late re-ordering), there has been continual improvement.In 2011 scan tests showed no osteoporosis but improvement to osteopoenia. Today, 24th September 2012, scan results show NO osteo problems. Totally reversed. I have better than normal bone density for my age. I’m 62 this year. Wahoo !! Will put another order in asap and make sure I don’t forget again. Thank you AlgaeCal !