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I Can Pick Up My Grandson Without Fear of Breaking My Bones!


Oct 31, 2014

Three years ago, my bone scan showed a -1.41!  Osteoporosis!  I am very small.  5’2″ and weigh 103.  I am 70.  I was very afraid as an already petite woman, and already having had two hip replacements, that I was headed south with my health.

I have consistently worked out with walking and weights all my life and other than this issue, I have been blessed with health.    So I began researching osteoporosis and what I could do about it.  I found your AlgeaCal on line and ordered it because it had all the ingredients, save strontium, which I ordered separately from AlgaeCal,  and I have take it FAITHFULLY twice a day,  and continued my workout regime.  I was also put on medication to STOP the bone loss.

So, about three weeks or so ago, I had a bone scan done on my spine and it came out PLUS .8!!!  I do not even have osteopenia!!!!!  I am also 1/2 inch taller!!!  I had lost 1 1/2 inches in the last three years or so.

I was bad about taking calcium supplements before as either the pill was too big for me to swallow, or too hard and some calcium hurt my stomach.  AlgaeCal is just the right size, and the capsule works perfectly for me.  I have lactose intolerance so I just did not have much calcium input all those years except for food items that contained calcium (not dairy!).

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have found your product!

I can pick up my 2 year old grandson without fear of breaking my bones! 

I golf, I lift weights, and I am so appreciative of your product.  Thank you sincerely.  I will never be without it!

P.S.  If you would like to see my last two bone scans, I can supply them.  I hope this will encourage others because truly, it is possible to reverse this horrid disease!

Update: Jun 9, 2015

I shared about AlgaeCal because I truly believe it helped reverse the Osteoporosis.  It, of course, took a whole program and some “stick-to-it-ness” but it worked and will continue.  I only hope my comments help others.

Kathi's Dexa scans 2014