Algaecal / December 18, 2011

Improved Health Due to AlgaeCal!

Do you have a story about your bone health that you would like to share? We want to hear it!

We at AlgaeCal are on a mission to rid the world of osteoporosis, naturally. To do that, we need to spread the word and create a community that comes together to inspire, be inspired and share any and all experiences when it comes to your bone health journey.

This week we want to spotlight Suzanne, who was so excited about her results that she posted them to her Facebook page to spread the word. Her story goes like this…

I have always considered myself to be a very young 57 year old! I have put this down to having lots of projects on the go and many ambitions to fulfill,We have lived in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands for the past fifteen years, where we bought an old wine Bodega which we restored and turned into four country cottages a rural Hotel. www.tenerifecottages.comI felt that the heavy building work, landscape gardening, painting and decorating was all good for me and kept me fit. Our hotel is now successful and not so much heavy work involved, although there is always the maintenance gardening and cleaning to be done, which I take a pride in and have enjoyed to the full.

I had suffered from terrible cramp and pins and needles for almost a year in both arms and legs so bad it was hard to sleep as, as soon as I laid down my arms and leg would cramp or go numb. Several trips to the doctors resulted in them telling me I was working too hard and to rest more! In the Summer I went for my annual ladies check ups and it was suggested that I had a bone density scan. ( The Spanish health system is very good at routine checks) To my horror I had a problem and my reading was a T score 2.5My Doctor suggested that I take nedicationsl daily, I have to say that my Spanish is not brilliant so I always go on the web to check that I have understood the prescription and method of use etc.I am not one for medication and have never even taken painkillers and tend to go the homeopathic way. I was quite shocked to read the implications of the drugs prescribed and the poor results it would achieve. So more searching on the web brought me to your product which sounded very impressive and just what I needed.

It was at this time time that I had a chronic case of Lumbago and could hardly get out of bed, a Scandinavian friend of mine who specialists in Shiatsu massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy was shocked to see (feel) the rapid deterioration of my bones.

I told her about your product and she was very impressed and said I would not find anything better.My order turned around within a week which is amazing for the Canary Islands and I started them straight away. I have only been taken your tablets for one month, so you may think that is not enough time for a testimonial, but let me tell you that I now sleep so well and have no sign of cramp or pins and needles and feel so much more relaxed on top of that because of a thyroid problem my weight was starting to soar and I have now returned to my normal weight.

I just know that your tablets are working and I cannot wait for my next bone density Scan in January.

I do intend to tell the Spanish hospitals and clinics about your product and as soon as I have definite proof to show , ie my next bone density scan I intend to go on to the local radio station as I know there are many people suffering from Osteoporosis in the Canary Islands and they are all looking for a better solution.YOU HAVE IT. I will be placing my next order shortly and would appreciate more leaflets with the parcel. Word of mouth is what you need your product can sell itself.

Thank you and my best wishes,