Algaecal / September 10, 2007

George S. Smith’s Story

“My last DEXA scan showed a 9% bone density increase.”

Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis), which then developed into osteoporosis. My doctor recommended a prescription for my condition, but since several of my friends and family have not had favourable results from prescription drugs for osteoporosis, I decided to try some of the natural supplements available.

My doctor recommended that I have a dexa scan every 6 months. I had tried several different natural supplements, but without success, until I started taking AlgaeCal, nine months ago.

My last dexa scan, showed a 9% bone density increase. The technicians doing my scan were amazed, and wanted all the information on this supplement, so I promptly e-mailed them the AlgaeCal website.

I and my wife, Mary Roberts Smith, N.D. have recommended this product to many friends and family, in both Utah and California. Many have suffered negative side effects from prescription drugs for osteoporosis, and they are delighted to find a natural solution that really works, with no negative side side effects.

George S. Smith and Mary Roberts Smith are from Orem, Utah, and you can find her great book, where she recommends AlgaeCal, “Looking Younger and Living Longer” at

George Smith 2010 DEXA Results