Algaecal / September 25, 2013

Personal Trainer Dave Experienced More Energy and Faster Recovery

"Athletic Performance"

As a 45 year old personal trainer, I am in tune with my body and any changes are quite noticeable.

After taking AlgaeCal for one week I began to notice more energy in my workouts and after several weeks I realized that my recovery times even from hard gym work was faster than before.

Now I have been on the product for more than a year with no colds or flus, no injuries, and I feel better than I did in my twenties!

I feel like my body was lacking some major or minor minerals even though I am careful about diet, and now the missing link to optimal performance has been discovered. I’m thrilled with the results and wish the folks at AlgaeCal every success as they take this exciting product mainstream. I think they should market it as an anti-aging medicine!