Algaecal / June 1, 2014

Bill Increased His Bone Density In Just 6 Months! Even His Dr. Was Surprised

“My DEXA scan technician told me I was the only person she’d ever seen increase their bone density in less than 6-months.”

What attracted me to AlgaeCal is it’s organic and plant-based. So I decided I’d try it- the 6 month program with the Strontium Boost to see if I could improve my bone density.

After 6 months I had another DEXA scan done and the results were very interesting again. This time I had significant improvement in all my T scores!

What was most important to me was my left hip that went from a -1.70 to a -1.60. That was an increase in bone density of 2.6% which is very significant. It took me out of the range of osteoporosis and into what is considered just mild bone loss.

The technician who was giving the DEXA scan for a second time was also very interested also because she had been taking a calcium supplement with the Strontium Boost, a different product and she told me “I’ve never seen anybody improve their bone density in 6 months or less. She said “I’m going to be looking forward to seeing your results in the morning”. I think she was also probably pleasantly surprised.

The reason I’m sharing my experience with you is that I hope, if you suffer from bone loss, like myself, it’ll help you make a more informed decision and perhaps take a more natural approach to a challenge that appears to a part of the natural aging process. Thank you.