Algaecal / August 18, 2013

Beverly’s DEXA Scan Showed Improvement After This One Change

I was just sick and tired of hearing my DEXA scan results being marginal or minimal after taking e medication for a long time.  Four DEXA scans at least, provided hardly a glimmer of hope, and then I arrived at the 5-year mark, and was told it wasn’t advisable after 5 years.  However, I could try the once a year shot that could be administered, so I went online and looked at the pros and cons.  No thank you!

Then I read about AlgaeCal, and decided to try it.  And try it I did, faithfully almost the whole six months, and then I went in for a DEXA scan at another clinic, since Medicare would not pay for a DEXA scan except for every two years.  However, I didn’t want to wait another year to find out if AlgaeCal would work.

My test results were, according to my doctor, extremely good, and he was extremely surprised.

One of the best benefits of Algaecal is the professional, personal help you can receive when you place a call to them.  When I had occasion to call regarding general vitamin information as it pertains to what vitamins to take, etc. the help was not only very cordial, but patient and very knowledgeable, and the e-mails are geared to a constant communication to relay helpful information going forward.

God Bless you all!  I will be praying for protection from any pharmaceutical companies.

Beverly A. Foss